Skins Trailer: MTV Pushes the Envelope

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Jersey Shore has nothing on Skins.

MTV's latest show hasn't even premiered yet and groups like the Parents Television Council are already up in arms, calling it "dangerous" and other bad things.

The show's "marketing campaign makes light of lying to parents and participating in harmful, irresponsible, illegal and adult-themed behavior," says the PTC.

Combine that with "high school characters engaging in drug use and casual sex" and you've got a surefire controversy magnet and likely hit for the network.

Here's the trailer for MTV's version of the UK series, which premieres next Monday (January 17) at 10 p.m. Think they're taking it too far with this? Watch:

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Mtv is good, every teenager should watch its network! Because it deals with every day teen life aldosence! Mtv shows you what not to do, then again some people may take it as a way to get FAME! Do the right thing!


Hey i have no problem with England or you British People! I try not to discriminate anyone! I like the sound of Skins, also MTV has been going all out! I mean MTV has always been very Bold, the past years were phonemal, with Real World...Etc. Ptc should get over it! The only thing that makes me mad is that USA kinda steals from the UK Tv ideas... I mean why can't America just make up their own shows fyi its called BRAINSTORMING! By the way i am in the VSA!


This will have nothing on the UK skins. Why dont they just air that one in the us. this will be exactly the shame as the US version of shameless.


Dude....come on. this is the fifth season!!! whats their problem. for the past however long I've watched it...and my parents don't mind. they know I'm not going to copy whats on the telly. it's fictional! yeh, it's how teens act...maybe they just need to realise that. and seriously, america has just got shameless, and if it's anything like the one over here it's more worse. personally, I think they should have stopped doing skins after the 2nd season (when the first cast left) but it's very true to life. All those "brits" in american shows and films are idiots. that isn't how we talk...idiots. the ptc need to get over themselves. its teaching their kids things they refuse to teach them. at least it's better than 16 and pregnant - they may think more. they need to give their kids the freedom to watch what they want and to make their own decisions


Westcoastgg I agree skins uk was actually epic nothing could beat it they should just air it in America. Also you're right American people think were just posh and uptight but that's a stereotype which is not true in any way. I find England way more gritty and real and skins really works over here. Of course I'm still gonna watch it but don't think there are gonna be as epic characters and storylines as the uk version, nothing can beat tony, effy, cook and freddie. Ever.


they should show the original in the US, I think the PTC would learn something: talk to your kids instead of treating them like babies. Teenagers have sex, experiment things like drugs and alcohol, so telling them to be use birthcontrol (abstinence works only in stupid parents' mind), be with someone you trust when you dring and things like these are way more useful than saying it's bad so don't do it. Teens must be prepared for life, not kept away from it.


this is a rip off our version was so better smh


I find it kind of ironic that American's think British people are stuck up - and yet Skins has been going on over there for 4 seasons without parents going loony over a couple swear words. I think the PTC need to get over themselves, and if their so worried that their child is easily manipulated by television shows then change the channel. Or you know, actually talk to your children and teach them to not do everything you see on television - but maybe actually parenting would be too much work, and it's easier to condemn an entire Network for their "evil" depiction of teenagers *gasp* swearing and having sex. I do want to add that I'm actually grateful that MTV decided to keep in the swearing without bleeping it out. Though I don't expect this version to be anywhere near as good as the original, it's nice to know that the characters won't be saying 'Darn it!' - so there's hope that this adaptation won't be completely lame.


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