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Hey, porn stars! Quit boring me! Let's party.


Shout! Shout! Let it all out. These are the things I can do without.


Just go crazy. See what happens.


Cadie: I don't know if it was real. Why is that, Stanley?
Stanley: Oh, no reason, apart from every time we get together, you mostly try and kill yourself.

Abbud: No, dude. It's a Muslim rehab. I'll probably have to get a beard, and that's a problem because it only grows under my ears. And I'll never get to see Daisy's breasts again. I don't care how many virgins are waiting for me. It's like way bad.
Chris: Virgins? What do you have to do to qualify?
Abbud: Die.
Chris: Seems a little out there.

Don't tell anyone and I'll give you an "A"


You're one of us, Tina.


What may seem creepy now, will someday be a great "how we met" story.


You can't cry on your birthday. It's against the rules.


Daisy: Do you want to have sex?
Abbud: Do I ever!

Daisy: My sister gets home in 45 minutes. Is that enough time?
Abbud: Yeah. That's enough for lots of times.

Wow. This is epic. The monkey man is here. Let's party!

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Skins Quotes

Stanley: Tonight Mr. Happy, the furry city.
Stanley: So you're a doctor.
Le Dong: Who said?
Stanley: PhD?
Le Dong: Pretty. Huge. Dick.

Tony: Hi, Nips.
Michelle: Stop calling me Nips, Tony.
Tony: It's a funny name. I've seen a few nips, Nips, and yours are hilarious.