Smallville Sneak Peek: Where is Clark?!?

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Chloe returns to Smallville on January 28, but it's difficult for Lois to be overly excited about that right now.

Why? Because she's worried about the whereabouts of her fiance. In the following clip, courtesy of the episode "Collateral," Lois insists that she is NOT in a huff... but she would like some help tracking down Clark.

Fortunately, he soon enters the house and shares the news of what happened with his love. Watch this exchange now:

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Smallville Quotes

Cassandra: Do those expensive shoes come with a name?
Lex: Lex Luthor.
Cassandra: Huh. Of Luthor... Everything Incorporated?
Lex: More or less.

Clark: She saw it.
Nurse: Saw what?
Clark: Her future.