Smallville Spoilers: A Clois Wedding Ahead?

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They got engaged to close out 2010, but does that mean Clark and Lois will get married in 2011?

Producer Kelly Souders won't reveal that spoiler to TV Guide, but did tease at last week's Critics Association press tour: "There will be a big day for them."

Smallville Engagement

Can fellow producer Brian Peterson reveal anything more? He says:

"They're going to have a big moment in their relationship. This last run is about not only his identity as Clark Kent and his growing identity as a hero, but also his identity as a potential husband. That is as much of who he is as a hero."

Peterson adds that Lois will "step out" as a journalist this winter in an attempt to escape the shadow of Superman.

What might that mean? Guess we'll need to tune in and find out. Smallville returns on January 28.

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I love Erica D and Tom W's Lois and Clark. They are epic. I hope they get married.


OMG! YES to a WEDDING!!! Probably won't happen till the final ep. But that's probably when they'll suit him up and let him fly. How AWESOME would the finale be if all three happen in it???!!! That would be EPIC in a grand scale! DO IT WRITERS!!!


I don't think the producers of the show will be showing a clois wedding. And if they do, it will be a very downplayed affair, like the boring proposal scene (compared to Clark's proposal in Reckining). The recent Luthor episode more or less implied that on Smallville Clark and Lois aren't really the everlasting soulmates they are in the comics. Lois finds love with Oliver Queen in both the current universe and the alternative one, but in the alternative world evil Clark would rather kill Lois and hump Tess! WTF is that all about?! So much for true love!


You're right. If they didn't marry them, but did the rest, I would be super annoyed. To the extent that I'd need a season 11. Hopefully the CW changes it's mind and gives another.


A wedding would be great. Supporting characters like Lana, Lex and Chloe got married on the show, so why not the actual star character to his soulmate? In fact, come to think of it, it would be quite insulting if Clark and Lois didn't get married on the show!


Wedding please!Oh my gosh!I am totally speechless!Excited!



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