The Cape Review: "Scales on a Train"

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I was off my game tonight.

Interesting line that Orwell spoke in "Scales on a Train," especially since you can't really be on your game if you're barely even on the roster.

How many lines did Orwell have tonight? Very few. She's the only real reason to tune into The Cape and the writers/producers are doing themselves a serious disservice not using her more prominently.  The scene at the end between her and Vince, where she asked him about why parents love their kids so much, definitely adds to the notion that she is Fleming's estranged daughter, so hopefully she'll come to the forefront soon.

At a Costume Party

This episode had its moments, particularly wherever Scales showcased his maniacal side.  If nothing else, he's good for a few laughs, such as his interactions with Rollo or his ability to escape a jail cell. He's certainly a more interesting villain than Chess, despite his over-the-top delivery.

Although, I wouldn't object to hearing him say the line:  "I'm the Juggernaut!"

There's something about the flashbacks with Trip and Vince that just doesn't mesh well for me.  They attempt to come across heartfelt, but try as I may, I am not feeling their connection. It's gonna take more than just a few fist bumps and deputizing to convince me.

Trip's expression about his friend's parents divorcing and worry over being separated from his dad was a small glimmer of hope, even if it did feel a little forced. Ultimately, it was sweet when The Cape left him the compass as a gift. 

It doesn't appear that The Cape is ever going to be one of those shows that I eagerly anticipate every week. That said, for mindless, comic-book fare, it's decent, if not a little on the boring side. Okay, A LOT on the boring side.


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I really liked all the stuff on the train. Scales was amazing this episode. The rivalry between him and Chess is looking good, I'd like to see that continued. The parts with the kid were not as great, like, some parts I didn't mind, but compared to everything on the train, it seemed to take away a bit from the episode. The quick moment between Orwell and Fleming was great, a very powerful confrontation; you could see the emotion when she was talking to him. I can't wait for them to actually meet. Speaking of which, I like that Orwell is becoming less of a Watchtower character, she is joining in more on the action, it helps make her different.


It was a good episode,but Scales kept it from being as good as Kozmo. Not to mention the slight character derailment of The Carnival,and Max. But,this does prove our theory that Flemming is crazy and it showed more of both Orwell and Vince's personality. Orwell is exploring being part of a family,an experience she never had,and I think is trying to find through Vince. I am now more convinced than ever that Vince is the person meant for the Cape. He would sacrifice his relationship with a family of friends who took him in for justice. That is quite an earthshaking statement,especially considering what Max and his family have done for him. He is immune to the Kozmo effect. He is a hero.


I think that ep4 is much better. Some good Vinnie Jones scenes and a lot more fun.


Awesome episodes! I have no complaints, my favorite scene is when Cape has Chess by the collar under the train. It shows the Characters mulling over their decisions Chess especially enjoying his role,you can see the insanity and genius at work. Which makes for a more interesting villain I can respect.


Suggestions for improvement: - Summer Glau kicking ass. All of her scenes should be written by Joss Whedon.
- David Lyons loses his clothes and walks around shirtless/naked all the time, unless he is supposed to wear the cape, but since Summer is the new butt-kicking hero of the show, the cape can go into retirement for more Lyons nudity.
- The Carnivale characters get replaced by the Carnivale characters from HBO's Carnivale.
- Wife can kick butt too.
- Kid gets kidnapped and lands in a different dimension or something. Never to be seen again


Watched the first episode and was so distracted i switched to Hawaii Five-O and never looked back. A shame. The premise is interesting. A pity its a snore-a-minute


Are you kidding with the whacked old school visual effects???


Jeffrey, I completely agree about the connection between Trip and his dad. I am in no spot to hate on a child actor, but from what I've seen in Flash Forward and now The Cape, Ryan Wynott does creepy much better than he does lovable. Sure there are a ton more problems with this show, but the lack of connection between father and son is at the heart of it. -Dan


Was hoping this would be a superhero show that you waited for super stuff. You are right, you fall asleep waiting for it to get exciting. Even the batman type villans don't do it.

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