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Fleming forced ARK police services upon Scales and his dock workers.

Vince told Scales that Fleming and Chess were one and the same, and as a result he was paying Fleming twice out of his smuggling profits.

Fleming was hosting a charity masquerade gambling night on a train. Scales crashes the party and blackmails Fleming to introduce him to the Mayor.  When he and the Mayor didn't hit it off, Scales tried to out Fleming as Chess, but no one believed him.  Scales held everyone at gunpoint to steal their valuables, but The Cape intervened.

Fleming and Scales declared war on each other, after Scales disconnected the caboose from the rest of the train.  The Cape and Fleming had to work together to stop the runaway train.

Max and the Carnival of Crime planned to heist the charity event, unbeknownst to Vince, but Scales beat them to it. They attacked Scales and caged him, taking the money.

It was Trips 10th birthday, and he's home alone, with Dana stuck in traffic. Dana's boss comes by to go over some work documents, but Trip wouldn't let him in.  Trip asked him if his father was legally innocent, and the DA said yes.

In flashback, Trip expressed worry to Vince over the divorce of his friend's parents, fearing he'd ever being separated from his dad.  Vince left him a birthday gift of a compass and a note saying the journey is never too far.

The Cape
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The Cape Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

You coming after my camera placement? Seriously, you do not want to come after my camera placement.


You just made a big mistake. You just made me remember you.