The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 43

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Stefan barely made it out alive of a kinky game with Caroline recently on The Vampire Diaries.

At least according to "Jess," the reader who won this week's edition of our Caption Contest. Check out her winning entry underneath the following photo.

Thanks to everyone that participated and remember to play every week!


Stefan: I am never playing seven minutes in heaven again!

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So, Caroline went nuts with the red lipstick...I won't..just give it to me Damon, just one hit man..


Stefan: Tell us what happend, Caroline.
Caroline: Matt and Tyler both kissed me and now I have to chose between them. I went into the woods to hunt and think.
Stefan: How'd you end up here?
Caroline: I heard the music and the people. I just wanted to escape my life for a little while.
Stefan: What happend next?
Caroline: I smelled the blood and then everything goes blank.
Damon: Been there, done that.


Caroline: I'm a murderer!
Damon: Yes you are.
Caroline: I'm a monster!
Damon: Welcome to the club.
Caroline: (crying) I'm never going to get all this blood out of my hair!
Damon: You've got to be kidding me! Stefan, get her out of here before I tear Barbie's head off.


How to annoy Stefan Salvatore in 3 Easy Steps
1. Try to attack a newborn vampire, he is hell bent on keeping safe.
2. Openly mock him about trying to save said vampire.
3. Almost stake his reason for existing (Elena).


Stefan: Okay, Damon, you're soooooooo dead.
Damon: Since when are you Caroline's guardian?
Stefan: I'm not. Caroline is a vampire and can handle herself.
Damon: So, what's you're problem then?
Stefan: You tried to stake Elena, you idiot!
Damon: Oh, that! Built up rage at Katherine. Damn doppelganger hyginx again. Sorry.


Stefan: Please, listen to me, Klaus. Caroline is new. She doesn't know the rules yet.
Klaus: She killed someone at a public event. She must be destroyed. Elijah, take care of that. I'd like to go home.
Stefan: I'll take responsibility for her.
Klaus: The Originals don't give second chances.


Stefan: Listen to me Klaus, she's new, she didn't know what she was doing.
Klaus: Elijah, take care of that. I'd like to go home.
Stefan: I'll take responsibility for her.
Klaus: The Origionals don't give second chances.


A blood goatee is not a good look for you, Caroline. Just ignore the grabbing hands and let's get you home.


Caroline: I'm sorry... I'm so so sooooo sorry. I didn't mean to eat ALL of the Jell-o!!!!
Stefan: Yo Damon back off the Jell-o thing man!!! She's new at it.


Stefan: Elena, this is not what it looks like. That is not MY blood on her face. I drink animal blood and it is not that shade of red. We were just talking.

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