The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 45

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A bit of meta, CW humor earned "sleepyhead" the top prize in this week's Vampire Diaries contest.

The user depicted a sullen Rose, lamenting the delay of Supernatural and Smallville by that network, as the 2011 premiere of each of which was pushed back a week.

Thanks as always to all that played! Remember to chime in every Friday!


Damon: What's wrong?
Rose: I just found out that Supernatural and Smallville won't be coming back until the 4th.

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Damon: I've been up all night, looking into this whole fatal wolf bite thing.
Rose: And?
Damon: And, you've got about twenty-four to forty-eight hours to live. You should get out, enjoy the sunshine. Oh wait, you can't! *laughs*
Rose: That's it, Damon! We are no longer "special friends".


Rose:I can't belive that I wasnt choosen to be in the new charlie's angels! Damon:You could have played Kate Jackson role. Rose:No I was going for Farreh's roles. Damon:Bah now I see why they didnt choose you.


Rose: That last 'friends with benefits' session really wore me out


Damon: Here Rose, Drink this it will help you get ur strength back until I figure something out!!! Rose: OMG- I've been alive for over 500 hundred years! To be attacked by a werewolf! You know the legend don't you? Damon: Yes" Yes" I do! As far as I know it hasn't changed yet! But your bite does not look that bad!! Come on it doesn't even look infected "Yet" Rose- Then tell me "Damon" why does this blood smell so rancid? and the site of your body is making me drool.....


And I always carry a stash, cause you never know
"Oh I feel sick - I gotta go home now."
And she threw up all over the floor
I said, "Freeze, freeze - go outside and do that!"
I said, "The hell with this. I don't need this."
So I said, "Quit, quit throwing up"
"Don't tell me no, tell me yeah yeah yeah"
Don't tell me no tell me yeah yeah yeah
And she threw up again Rearranged Lyrics from the song Yeah, Yeah, Yeah by Kix


Don't Tell Me No, Tell Me Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Song Lyric - Kix - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah


Rose: Go away, Damon. I can't even look you in the eye.
Damon: I'm sorry Rose, I didn't mean to fart while we were doing it.


rose: damon this blood tastes weird.
damon: yes, it smells weird too.
rose: it tastes like...HIV
damon: really, I didn`t know that had a flavor...


Hmm.... now that you mention it, maybe that blood does taste a little like that new japanese synthetic stuff


Damon: Rose, what happened?
Rose: Damon...
Damon: Yes??
Rose: I just noticed...
Rose: I look a lot more like Alice Cullen than I should. I wonder if my character was in the book, so they copied L.J. Smith, or was it just a coincidence?
Damon: Yeah, I had a crush on Alice Cullen too, that's just weird (makes confused face)

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