The Vampire Diaries Episode Preview: "Daddy Issues"

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The 2011 premiere of The Vampire Diaries - reviewed HERE - resulted in...

  • The return of John Gilbert.
  • The demise of Rose.
  • The revival of Damon's dark side.
  • The realization that Caroline has been lying to Tyler.

How will these developments play out next week? Check out the official trailer for "Daddy Issues" and get an idea now:

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I love how Damon's response is "Kill Him"! I am excited for the return of the old Damon! So witty and amusing to watch :)


Agree with k and Tilly! I just love Tyler and Caroline right now, they're like my new favorite couple.. And I really don't think Tyler is the one who put Caroline in that cage, I mean she was so good with him, he wouldn't do that (at least I hope so) ! ..Jules has to be behind this! God I hate her! Seriously, she needs to die. Couldn't Damon just rip her heart out of her chest or something? Anyways, they better not ruin Forwood! And I agree with lisa, Elena is just too cute with her pony tail! :) Can't wait to see what happens with John, and with Klaus. As for Damon, I really like him so I don't mind seeing him a lot, but they need to make him work with Alaric again.. I mean, these two are totally BFFs :p Can't wait!!! :D (please forgive my english, I'm french ^^)


Can't wait :)


I totally agree with you TILLY! Damon should totally kill Jules already! Hopefully Tyler will realize that it is going way to far to locking Caroline in the cage and help her out or else how are we going to have our Caroline, Matt and Tyler love triangle!!?? haha I can't wait to see Klaus come to town!!!


Can't wait for next week. I also don't think Tyler is the one who put Caroline in the cage i think it is Jules. They like to make the previews misleading (remember Stefan and Katherine in the cave) Tyler may even be the one who saves her. Looking forward to the vamp vs. wolf throw down.


elena looks so cute with a pony tale =)


There is an extended one on the cw website, has a wee bit more in it! :D


CANT WAIT!!! Im dissapointed at Tyler bcz i cant believe he'll do that to Caroline after stuck to his side in his 1st trasnfomation even though he could of killed her....anyways im EXICTED the show finally came back


WTH is wrong with Tyler??! He was only nice for few episodes...Poor Caroline, I hope she bites him and go all vampire on him!! Putting her in a cage?? Jules's influence is really quick. Caroline helped him while he was changing for the 1st time, not Jules. Really really disappointed, not in the writers (because it was pretty sure sth like that would happen) but in Tyler himself.


WTF @ Tyler for locking Caroline up in a cage?! Like that, you're never gonna get in her pants ^^
And yeah, Damon's kinda always the hero nowadays, but u know what? He's owning it! Try picturing Alaric being a badass hero! Uhm yeah, no way!
Can't wait for Elena's Daddy Issues:)

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