The Vampire Diaries Episode Preview: "Daddy Issues"

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The 2011 premiere of The Vampire Diaries - reviewed HERE - resulted in...

  • The return of John Gilbert.
  • The demise of Rose.
  • The revival of Damon's dark side.
  • The realization that Caroline has been lying to Tyler.

How will these developments play out next week? Check out the official trailer for "Daddy Issues" and get an idea now:

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Oh look Damon saves the day, again. Geeze shocker. Can someone other then Damon be the hero. Just once, here's a thought why not let Alaric. Stop catering to Damon fans. There are alot of fans who love the show. Just don't want to comment on the show because some of the Damon fans think this show is real and start with the put downs. Please there are other fans and are getting kind of bored with this "Damon Show". Please don't misunderstand me I enjoy Ian(Damon) just not every episode.


i love when we get new previews! I was fed of watching the same one for two months for the decent!
I can't wait :)

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