The Vampire Diaries Photo Preview: "The Descent"

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We didn't count the number of words in the official description for "The Descent."

But if a picture really is worth 1,000 of them, then the following photo gallery will reveal more about the 2011 premiere of The Vampire Diaries than any synopsis possibly could!

The CW has released a slew of images from the January 27 installment, as they depict a wilting Rose; a panicked Jules; and the introduction of Ahna O'Reilly as Jessica. What role will this character play? We'll have to tune in to find out, but she's fortunate enough to share a few scenes with Damon...

Dangerous Jules
One Juicy Vampire
Heated, Hot Argument
Wilting Rose
More of Jules
Damon and Jessica
The Descent Scene
With Jessica

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I hate rose I hope damon doesn't fall for her I want damon And alena don't be togethr Android katherine and stephan to be with each other


I hope Rose will survive after all troubles. She is so good for Damon in many ways. Jules is not one of my favorites, that's for sure. The whole werewolf mythology is kind a boring to me. Damon looks angry with Elena. I hope he'll literally move on after this episode, because all troubles he got because of her and she's still blind and in denial. He needs Rose or someone like her, who appreciates him.


How come everything has to turn into a lets-bash-stefan thing?


HotsForDamon he's probably mad at her because she is a jackass and prefers his BORING brother.


want this back now


ANOTHER new guest star? Will it ever end? Im losing track of iit all not to mention intrest. They havent had one new person this year that i have cared an ounce about. I guess it doesnt matter becuz they all end up getting killed eventually anyway. They kill a guest character like every other episode for a lame shock factor. Its not working anymore.


Damon is the most gorgeous man. I almost finished one of the books. They're crap. The TV series is great! I love Damon. Why does he look like he's telling Elena off in one photo? Well we all know he has the hots for Elena, but he's better than her, and she doesn't deserve him.


I think that pic of Jules is her discovering Mason's body.


Makes me all the more excited for January 27!!

Reese williams

ANOTHER new chick?
we still have Jules' werewolf friend to come too.
yeeeshk better not lose track of these guys :\

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