The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Ready to Flashback Again?

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The Vampire Diaires will flashback to 1864 one more time before this season concludes.

This development will take place on February 17, as Elena finds an old stash of John Gilbert journals. From there, viewers will be taken back to Stefan's darkest days, after he murdered his father and turned his brother.

Paul Wesley Poster

"His guilt us so deep that he goes off the deep end," Paul Wesley says in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly of his character's reaction to those events. "We find out that he would have been Damon had it not been for one character."

Who is that character?!? Wesley would not say. But our Vampire Diaries forum is open to your best guesses!


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I think it's Lexi too! I hope so -- I liked her and would like to see her in the flashback :)


I think it's Lexi. She's on the cast of characters on wiki. Weird thing is Kevin Williamson said in an interview that somehow it relates back to Klaus/Elijah. That's where I'm lost. Can't wait to see it! SOS


I miss Lexi!! Stefan and Lexi should be together haha so Delena can be together! I loved their friendship tho.


Well it might be Lexi or Emily - we can see that Bonnie's threats work pretty well when she's determined. So Emily was even more powerful. Either way, I'm glad we're going to be able to meet either one of them! Seems interesting... :D


I really hope it's Lexi, it would add a wonderful meaning to how helpful Stefan was to Caroline when she got turned, and her reminding him of Lex.


After just completing Stefan's Diaries (Bloodlust), I think it has to be Lexi.


Definitely Lexi. She was so helpful to Stefan when the met.

Bobbie whited

I personally want to see damon during the war and see if that effected him.

Amy jackey

I also think its lexi. i need to get the second diary of stefan's

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