TV Fanatic Reveals: Character Resolutions For 2011!

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Happy New Year from TV Fanatic!

As the calendar changes, people from around the world find themselves resolving to change this or do that. Often, these promises even last more than 48 hours!

The same can be said for fictional characters. In fact, we've heard from many of your television favorites and are excited to pass along the following resolutions...

Troy, Annie, Abed and Candy
Lettie Mae and Tara
Deep Thinking Damon

Troy Barnes (Community): Get a grip on my emotions.

A (Pretty Little Liars): Get unlimited texting plan.

Tara Thornton (True Blood): Go a week without crying.

Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries): Remain awesome.

Jack Shepherd (Lost): Apologize to fans for taking an entire season to join his dead friends.

Sue Sylvester (Glee): Find a new body part of Will's on which to pick.

Manny Delgado (Modern Family): Take up bridge.

Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl): Put a ring on it! It being Blair!

Seeley Booth (Bones): Kill sniper, dump Hannah.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs (NCIS): Publish Rules #1-51 in paperback.

Dwight K. Schrute (The Office): Succeed Michael Scott, expand business empire by merging Dunder Mifflin, Vance Refrigeration and Schrute Farms into powerful conglomerate.

Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation): Slash Pawnee parks budget by at least 70 percent.

Callie Torres (Grey's Anatomy): Get over it and have kids with Arizona.

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Haha the resolution for A is so true :D


As for Damon, make him the badass manwhore who sleeps with all the women. That is the Damon we love and want. The Damon following Elena around like a whimpy lost puppy is so boringggg.


Damon's resolution should be... become less of an arrogant ass, and to not kill Jeremy in front of Elena. In case you can't tell not everyone is on the love Damon band wagon.


Oh Yeaaah!!
And Chuck Bass, melts my heart! ^^


Jose T, I dig your Sara Walker and Leonard =D Ok so, Broke Davis: Become a mother.


I feel like Damon Salvatore's new year resolution- remain awesome- sounds more like Barney Stinson's from HIMYM haha


considering each season of true blood is only a week of time that it is impossible for Tara to go a week.
Damon's resolution should be to cut his hair and get his balls from Elena.


Sarah Walker(Chuck): Keep the title of hottest character on tv !
Leonard(The Big Bang Theory): get back together with penny
Sheldon(The Big Bang Theory): continue being repulsed by human relantionships and get that nobel prize!
GG in general: Dair Happening already and Serena stop being Serena
Ted Mosby(How I Met your Mother): FIND THE MOTHER!
Meredith(Greys Anatomy): have the MCBABY


Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl): Put a ring on it! It being Blair!


SEELEYBOOTH kills sniper and moves hannah out of his place of living/tells her so he can see others friends and temperence.