America's Next Top Model Review: Welcome to Tyra Land!

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It’s a whole new season of America’s Next Top Model, as viewers were taken to Tyra Land last night.

While every cycle’s has some strange Tyra moments, the start to Cycle 16 was almost like a parody of ANTM, with the girls acting as a platform for Banks to perform. By cutting out casting, Tyra got a chance to mock the wannabe models, which was amusing, spot-on and incredibly self-serving.

Best Tyra line: “I’m not a cookie cutter. I cut the cookies. And I will cut you."

Tyra also decided to switch things up by fooling the contestants who were picked and pretending to send them home; it seemed like a good idea in theory, but what about the models who thought they were picked but really were eliminated?  That seems like a pretty traumatizing trick! 

Oh, and Tyra?  Pictures of yourself when you’re 16? Just because it's Cycle 16?!? Let’s try to keep up that facade of being down-to-earth, shall we?

The Challenge
The runway challenge was awesome, featuring the women walking a tiny little ledge on water while encased in... wait for it... a bubble! It was a difficult first challenge for sure, but it had a gorgeous, hazyaeffect, just like the photoshoot, which took place backstage. Nothing too crazy and over-the-top, just beautiful makeup and beachy waves like normal models.    

The Judges Table
I already have a favorite: Jaclyn. Seriously, how adorable is that girl? The judges loved Molly, Brittany, and Alexandria for their bone structures and edgy photos, while Angelia and Dominique didn’t fare as well. Angelia was the first one sent home.

What did everyone else think of this Tyra-fest? Have an early favorite yet?


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I have to say that the trick she played on the 14 picked was funny for them... however I feel absolutely heart broken for those who thought they went through. That was not funny, it was CRUEL. After being so nervous and wondering who would be picked, then finding out you are... yet actually psych your not. I would be so angry and betrayed. The modelling world may be cruel but what Tyra just did is down right evil. (This just came out on UK/Irish TV, this is why I comment now.)


this is so over the top! yehey! noted fashion photographer Mr. Nigel Barker who happens to be Americas Next Top Model judge visited Philippines. what's suprising is that he told the press that Alexandria Everett won the current cycle...and it's like more or less 5 episodes to go before the season finale!!! PAK!,,and oh he was with ms. jay alexander..;]


Jaclyn is so cute! Kasia is my favorite though. I don't like Alexandria or Brittani personality-wise, but they are both good models. I like Molly too :)


Jaclyn is ridiculously annoying, is this the first time she is out in the world? Will be eaten alive! Cannot stand that voice, the eyes, the mouth, yugh. Am very much looking forward to make-overs!


WE love ANTM I think Tyra is a great role model(no pun intended) and she wants the wanna bes to understand this is a dod eat dog profession and i think she honestly ares for all the girls..she also teaches not just critiques.. i would rather my daughters look up to her than the likes of lady gaga(who is she really????) or brittany or the bad girls or the so called real hosewives of honestly where??? in thier own minds maybee.. you rock Tyra

Matt richenthal

@Anonymous: Why are you reading something with a headline that reads "America's Next Top Model REVIEW" if you didn't want to know the results???


Next time don't be a jackass and tell us who gets sent home, ruining the show for us. Or at least mention that you shouldn't read this unless you've watched it already.


We were watching AI when we realized ANTM was on, so naturally we changed the channel. I thought the parodies were funny, but even though I am a long term ANTM fan, It was really mean to do that to the girls who were really being eliminated. Bordering on Cruel. Would've been better to do that as like a single person elimination thing so the real eliminated people don't get hurt that way.

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