Blue Bloods Review: "Age of Innocence"

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Members of the Reagan family were contemplating their family legacy this week in ways both big and small.

When Danny brought Nicky to a crime scene, her “Age of Innocence” was soon over. After specifically being told by her uncle to wait in the car, she did what any 14 year old would.

She snuck out to view the dead body. Regrettably, the experience wasn’t as enticing as she’d imagined. Kudos to Danny for telling Nicky to go home and tell her mother the truth when she offered to hide it. It’s nice to be reminded that Danny is a responsible father himself.

Of course Nicky didn’t do it. After all, she is 14.

Danny and Nicky

As usual I appreciated the Reagan family dinner. How great was it when Linda told her boys to be quiet because the adults were talking? How often do you see that on TV?

And as everyone lamented over the effect the crime scene was having on Nicky, Frank did the sensible thing. He went to talk to her. 

Viewing that body rocked Nicky’s faith in her ability to be a cop and her grandfather was their to give her some perspective.

He got sick after seeing his first dead body but good cops learn to control their emotions. He also reminded the 14 year old that she has a long time to decide what she wants to do but if she decides to be a cop he has no doubt she can handle it. She’s a Reagan.

Frank has such confidence and love for his family. It is the core of this show.

Frank had the mayor’s new Deputy Press Secretary to deal with played by the beautiful Noelle Beck. Could this be Frank’s new love interest? I hope so.

Frank needs something other than work and family to keep life interesting and in her few scenes Sue Connors came across as smart and feisty.

We got a small glimpse into why Frank is publicity shy. It sounded like Henry sought out the spotlight and it came back to bite him, ending in his being fired.

Having watched his father go though that ordeal seemed to have made Frank even more humble. I wonder if we’ll ever get the details on that back story.

Danny and Jackie were solidly entertaining as always. The dead girl outside of the debutante ball wasn’t a thrilling storyline, mostly because I spotted the murderer the moment he hit the screen. I prefer it when the crime story keeps me guessing.

Back to the family legacy, we found out how deep the blue blood runs in this family. Looks like Henry’s father told a three year old Danny that he couldn’t dress up as a fireman for Halloween because they were all thieves and glory hounds.

Instead he got him a tiny blue uniform to wear. Oh, and he gave him a slapper which little Danny used to shake down other kids for candy. He decided he never wanted to take off the uniform and a fourth generation of Reagans in blue was born.

What did you think of this week's Blue Bloods? Discuss!


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Not one of the better episodes. It was not well written and veru easy to predict. Great cast of characters, but the writing for the show is very average.


I thought the boys father was the killer and pervert....thought the tutor was another possibility but you're right it was one a shout out that it was one of the two.


Noelle Beck, who played the press secretary, is gorgeous but she is no spring chicken...she is 43 years old. So she is not as young as some people are complaining about. I admit that I am partial because she was last on a soap opera that I loved, so kudos to her for being a beautiful, 40 something, working actress in a business that is not known for valuing women over 25.


Am I the only one who recognized Joe from blues clues as the bellhop?


I liked the press secretary. I think she will be a challenge for Frank. She's intellegent and assertive and they actually seemed a lot alike. Should be interesting though especially since she works for the mayor.


I really like this show. I hope it stays on. As far as the 14 year old getting out of the car, she is old enough to obey what she is told. If she was 6 or 8 maybe but not 14. They really need to let her hair grow out. She looks like a boy. Tom Selleck is excellent playing his part. Karen, I agree with you about the family values. I'm afraid the the viewers of today aren't interested in shows of this quality. It may be too tame. It's refreshing not being subjected to smart mouthed, half-naked girls. The whole makes you feel like they are a real family.


This was a good episode for family background. I like that. I also agree that the young lady who played the press secretary was not what I think of as a match for Frank. I do think she lacked character. He might take her out for a spin, but he wants a tried and true beauty to take home and show to the family. A woman with a lived in face and a less than perfect body that houses a big heart who can spar with Frank's brilliant mind is what we need at that family table each week. Really love this show.


I agree with Jan. Why must every love interest be young and pretty? Give us an older woman with history and depth and a compelling face. One of the things that I enjoy about this show is the family values expressed by the characters. No smart alecky, insolent, disrespectful kids are allowed as is so common on other shows. TV needs better parenting and kid role models.


How about injecting more reality in the show and have Frank's love interest NOT be some young, beautiful thing? There are lots of interesting, older women out there and it's time they started getting some attention.

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Danny: I swear if I have to look at one more businessman with a wheelie getting off an elevator I'm going to eat my gun.
Jackie: Shoot me first, please. It'd be a mercy killing.

Jackie: This guy's going to miss his maid in Rikers.
Danny: He may end up being somebody's maid in Rikers.