Blue Bloods Review: "Dedication"

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This week's Blue Bloods, "Dedication," opened with a shocker as Frank was gunned down in the street. In previous episodes we’ve seen Frank’s security detail hovering but this time they were half way down the block when a drive by shooter opened fire.

They caught up quick, although it looked like Baker stumbled a bit in her heels. Perhaps someone could explain to me why so many female detectives on TV have to wear such high heels.

The entire Reagan clan descended on the hospital. Henry even brought his side arm, ready to do battle if there were another attack on his son.

Frank in Uniform

Hospital scenes replaced the Reagan family dinner, but there was enough family interaction that I didn’t miss it, Especially when Henry listed all of the food that was sent to their house and Frank quipped that it seemed as though the city’s restaurants were trying to kill him.

Death by pastrami and cheesecake certainly sounded like a step up from getting shot.

As Danny and Jackie ran down leads and Jamie lamented over not being able to work his father’s case, it was actually Henry who was headed in the right direction. I liked the twist. This wasn’t a new threat, but an old one.

While everyone was targeting the Mexican cartel, it was an old beef with the Irish Mob that got Frank shot. I must say that for a dying man confined to a hospital bed, Whitey certainly didn’t lose any of his fierceness. This must have been a scary man back in the day.

I had a minor complaint about the scene between Danny and Whitey.

Danny threatened to kill him with his morphine drip. I have no doubt that Danny wanted to do just that, I just don’t think it would have been possible. The morphine drips I’ve seen have always been attached to a computerized box that regulates the dose, thus preventing accidental overdose.

But if that had been the case here we wouldn’t have had such a dramatic scene that illustrated just how far Danny was willing to go.

For as much as Danny took down both sons, this was Frank’s night. Tom Selleck’s performance was subtle but effective. As he stood at the podium his expression radiated pride in his sons.

The final scene was very much in character for Frank.

Even though the man wanted him dead, Frank still paid Whitey a condolence call and apologized for not doing so thirty years earlier. A class act from a man not quite recovered from his bullet wounds. As much as I liked the scene it put a strange thought in my head.

What would shake Frank’s faith enough to make him seem not so…perfect? Perhaps the second half of the season will take us there.


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Good review, but you're a little confused about one thing. You said:
" Baker stumbled a bit in her heels..... why so many female detectives on TV wear such high heels......"
Because Baker is more the Commissioner's secretary than a a detective; even though she has that title.


I honestly thought this was the best episode thus far, and the directing with the hospital scene was spot-on. The eternal patriarch with sidearm guarding his family in the hospital waiting area. The visual depiction was excellent.
Tom Selleck can say so much with just a look. From the look he gave Baker when she told him his house was now their headquarters to the proud father watching his two sons take down his would-be killer, to convey so much without words says so much about the actor.
I will admit, there were a couple of scenes, mostly with Danny, that required the suspension of belief, for example the check cashing store, the stolen car, the chop shop. Thing is, I am willing to suspend my reality for the payoff at the end, especially in this episode.
My one request to CBS is that they leave it alone and stop shifting the time slot around.


I do hope if they keep going with this Blue Templar story that it will push some buttons with these characters. So far it's seemed more silly than dramatic. I hope they change that moving forward.


A goof that maybe you didn't see: when Danny shoots Rory, the latter lets his weapon slip off his hand. In the next take, Rory is already dead but still holding his gun.


I like your question.
I can see something with regards to Jamie being threatened in response to his questions about the "Blue Templar" from the sleazy looking detective really pushing him in that direction.
Basically it coming down to something or someone hurting his family, eg. ADA Erin getting assaulted and him shooting the guy in the forehead.


great show!! hope they keep it long.

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