Bones Review: Happy Valentine's Day Massacre!

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Enjoyable, but nothing extraordinary. Solid, but nothing special.

I love Bones, but you have to admit, certain episodes are special TV events and others feel a bit like filler. After the previous week's "The Daredevil in the Mold," Thursday night's installment never quite hooked me as things went back to normal at the Jeffersonian.

Maybe that's because I'm not a huge Valentine's Day fan to begin with and this episode took place February 17. Maybe it's because I didn't totally buy Cam's countdown to getting the case solved as all that important. But the episode just felt average.

Bones Promo Shot

Booth and Brennan did share some quality scenes this week, of course.

That being said, a slightly-above episode of Bones still brings its share of excitement and humor, and emotional outpourings like last week can't be too frequent and seem organic.

Brennan summed it up best when she called V-day a "ridiculous holiday," because "the banks don't even close." However, she found a nice way of spending it with Booth in the end.

How did we get there? With another incredibly good/bad body find, for starters.

Executive producer Stephen Nathan earns kudos for the melted corpse in the tanning bed, with the eye MELTING OUT OF THE SKULL after you thought the worst was over.

Steve, if you haven't seen Peter Jackson's Dead Alive, go rent it. You'll appreciate it. Although I have to imagine it might be the inspiration for Bones' incomparable opening acts.

The victim was a wedding planner and the suspects were as grating as they come - her high-strung executive assistant, a Bridezilla and the father of the Bridezilla. Painful.

This was the point, naturally, in the most anti-Valentine's Day Valentine's Day episode ever. Even if I could have done without the holiday theme, I did enjoy the show's take on it.

While the planner's assistant seemed like the most obvious target, it was actually an estranged husband that did her in because of the assistant, who stood to inherit her assets.

And who she was also sleeping with. Didn't see that coming.

While Booth and Brennan didn't exactly leap into each other's arms after Hannah's departure, they showed some great chemistry this week, especially in the interrogation scene.

Their personal "Valentine's Day Massacre" to end the night was fun, too. Whether dropping knowledge on suspects or wielding firearms, Emily Deschanel killed last night ...

Bones and Booth Pic

While it seemed odd at times that Booth's meltdown was barely mentioned, I can see the need to move on and not dwell on it as well - for Booth and for his colleagues.

It was well handled for the most part, and I'm curious to see if over time, B and B do come together for good. Somehow I find myself far from convinced it'll happen.

The relationship with Hannah may be over, but it left an indelible mark on Seeley. I can't help but feel he's through with romance for a long, long while. Anyone agree?

As for the rest of the team ...

  • Sweets a non-factor and Daisy was MIA. Strange in a Valentine's Day episode, no?
  • Hodgins' efforts to find Angela the perfect gift were sweet, no matter how misguided.
  • Clark opening up constantly and revealing that he's into role-playing? No comment.
  • Okay, I admit, I was happy that Cam was so determined to see Paul. A little.

What did you think of last night's Bones? Discuss!


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Why is it that everytime there's not some big confrontation the episode is automatically filler? Um, most episodes don't have heartbreak and tears, if they did it would be ridiculous. It's a procedural crime show. That means there are episodes in which they simply solve a crime. It's a drama, not a soap. However, I'm really sick of valentines day. Someone should do an Easter one. At least that's a real holiday. Putting valentines day over murder? Really? Just do it tomorrow; its not like Paul is only there for valentines.

Amy jackey

it sucks that we have to wait for 3 weeks


In all the cop and medical shows, who do you think is winning the 'let's gross out the watcher' contest with special effects?


I often get the feeling that the episodes are out of order. They could have written this one, say, last year; adding a line or two about Hannah supposedly brings it up to date. Sweets was unbelievably dense when talking to Booth. Some psychologist he is! Hodgins' gift for Angela was sensitive...but then Hodgins is one of my favorite characters. I don't necessarily watch "Bones" for the mystery, but then I don't watch "Jeopardy!" because I'm going to win money. Just a mental exercise. I do look at the science, and I've caught a few mistakes; I also knew that the fingernail epithelials would prove gender... But I am waiting for the baby! What's this cr*p about waiting three weeks for the next episode?


Wow some of these Bones fans are so fickle! For the past six months all I would read at posts such as this one is "I can't wait until Hannah is gone". Now she's gone and what do I read but "bring Hannah back". Well you can't have it both ways people. It seems no matter what is done, some people just aren't satisfied! I thought that this was an enjoyable episode. So what that it wasn't the most intense episode ever. It wasn't supposed to be. I think it was a message of just how out of hand a "holiday" like Valentines Day has become-it's more about expensive gifts and not much about the heart. Of course it's ridiculous that Cam wanted the murder to be solved in eight hours-it was meant to be a farce. Humorous you know. Also, I don't think that Booth is that hurt by the whole Hannah fiasco-it wasn't that deep of a relationship to begin with. If he was able to move on with Brennan and they share much more of an emotional bond, I think he can move on from Hannah because they only had a physical attachment. The next episode will be back to the intensity and drama. Bones knows that you just have to lighten up every now and then!


Oh and Cam and Paul have as much chemisty as pifce of wood. That kiss was just awful.


Boring episode. BOOORING! Please bring Hannah back! At least she mixed up things! I hope she is back next season like Stephen Nathan hinted. Shake up Booth/Brennan again. That would be fun. Bring it!


Don't worry it was an average, filler epi. I saw it that way too. There are running themes through Bones. The epis do connect subtley i.e. Booth/Hannah. Hodgela baby. Cam's life. So it is fine to say if this epi was lack lustre, If that is what you feel. It was fluffy. To fluffy for me.

Sue ann

I was particularly annoyed by the way Cam ordered them to solve the mystery in 8 hours 23 minutes, so she could make her date on time. How arrogant of her to assume that nothing could be accomplished without her presence! Brennan regularly has worked there alone all night with no one except the janitor to keep her company. It was annoying, made no sense, did not adhere to the past policies of the Jeffersonian and the past history of the series -- it was b.s. of a low order. Any time that Sweets and Daisy are absent is a good time for me. I find them both appalling. I also preferred Clark when he was being rudely insistent on keeping his private life private, but the contrast with his "too much information" current attitutde does makes me laugh. He is not my favorite "Squintern", but he's always good for a laugh one way or the other. Am I the only one who feels like the magic is gone out of the interactions between the two actors who play Angela and Hodgins? The lack of interest CANNOT just be the lame scenes the writers provide; the actors don't appear that interested any more. According to one of the DVD extras in an early season Bones DVD, these two actors cooked up this romance between their characters themselves, to increase their screen time. They don't appear invested in the relationship any more. Booth looked affectionately at Brennan when he turned to her as he was going through a door in this episode. It was the first affectionate look I remember seeing from him this season. That was nice. It reminded me of this wonderful television show I used to watch, called Bones. I agree that Valentine's Day is a non-holiday cooked up by Hallmark and TeleFlora. As I grew up 60 miles from Chicago, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre has always been much more real to me than the life, deeds, or death of some theoretical saint, who may or may not have lived in the first place. That means yep, I really appreciated the ending where they shot the bejeebers out of the targets at the range. The mystery was weak, but they usually are. I don't know of anyone who watches this program for the mysteries. The ghastly corpses, the camaraderie between the characters, the romance between Booth and Brennan -- those are the reasons to watch. Tonight -- pretty good corpse. Clark was pretty good. Cam was irritating from first order to limousine. Hodgins and Angela were present, like non-voting members of Congress. Brennan put more thought into her gift for Booth than Hodgins originally did into his for Angela. Brennan is watching Booth, and visibly playing whatever role he needs her to play, to stay physically close to him while maintaining the emotional distance he clearly needs her to keep. I still think this season was a massive, remarkably stupid change on the part of the writers and producers -- whomever makes the decisions. However, they seem to be finding their way back. I hope they did not kill the series in the process. I don't know yet.

Steve marsi

@TM - I agree. Perhaps it's unfair to call it filler when a bulk of the episodes function exactly as you say. Maybe it's just that two of the past four weeks have been SO intense, and that this one seemed particularly average (to me) that made me use that term.

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