Bones Sneak Previews: Booth to Propose Tonight?!

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February 10 has been the date Bones producers have pointed to as the "tipping point" for Booth and Hannah. This sneak preview from tonight's episode may indicate why.

During a night out with Sweets, and no doubt influenced by a remark his young psychiatrist pal makes, Booth makes a surprising decision about his relationship.

Guess this would be the two proposals we've been hearing about ...

Of course, whether these proposals actually happen, or result in marriages even if they do, are different matters entirely. Especially given the uncertainty of Hannah's future and the potential departure of Carla Gallo (Daisy), who's starring in a new CW pilot.

Check out three more sneak preview clips from the episode below, including a pair featuring a hung over Booth, who might be regretting more than just that ninth tequila shot:

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Honestly, I like Hannah. But NOT as Booth's girl. She is a great friend for Bones, and I would have liked to see her as Sweets girlfriend since I can't wait to see Daisy gone. Bleh.


I will be excited for this episode if there is the right outcome - Hannah gone and B&B together. If not, pretty much done with this show. They have muddied the water, ruined the characters and digressed too much this season to continue with this show if they take this direction.


Bones and Booth belong together!!!


Can't wait for Booth to realize that he should be with Bones!


im excited for this epi why so few reactions on bones, thats too bad ill search another forum

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