Brittany Robertson to Star in Secret Circle

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Terrific news, Life Unexpected fans:

Brittany Robertson isn't leaving The CW. Assuming the show that made her a star gets the official axe this spring, the actress will anchor Secret Circle, one of the network's most anticipated pilots.

Kevin Williamson of The Vampire Diaries has already signed on to produce the series, which is based around a group of LJ Smith novels and centers around a girl who learns she is part of a coven of witches.

Brittany Robertson Shot

She looks just like the Cassie in my head. I want her to be Cassie not Diana


@HotsForDamon, she will be playing Cassie. LJ Smith confirmed it on her website. She was speculating on whether or not they would keep the Diana character (which she hopes, me too!) and how they will distinguish her from Diana. Maybe they'll dye Brit's hair. Anyhow, can't wait for this to come out. I think it will be great!


that is great, they definetely should cast Ian Soerhalder for the show.


If she is a regular then she will be best as Diana and not Cassie.

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