Criminal Minds Review: Today I Do, Tomorrow I Will

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Criminal Minds revealed more of Emily Prentiss' past this week, while a deeply disturbed life coach was the UnSub. The two stories intertwined throughout the solid episode.

Last night also marked the premiere of the Criminal Minds spinoff. For our take on the Forest Whitaker-led vehicle, check out our Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior review.

As for the original Minds, Ian Doyle has escaped. That was enough to raise eyebrows, and you can't help but think Emily is in for serious trouble as the season progresses.

"Today I Do" primarily focused on the abduction of Molly Grandin, however. Her car was ditched with a packed bag inside, as was the case with the previous victim, Gail.

BAU on the Case

Clearly the packed bags indicated some sort of connection to the UnSub, but was it romantic? Is the perpetrator male or female? The BAU is puzzled at the onset.

Molly’s ex, Lyle, says Molly was seeing someone else and is different now.

Reid and Morgan visit the site where previous victim Gail was found and see the weapons used to attack her were signs. Prentiss discovers motivational Post-Its.

We know exactly who they're looking for, of course, and it's very disturbing. Jane, the life coach from hell, has Molly tied up and wants to help her "fix herself."

In a scene reminiscent of Kathy Bates in Misery, she drops the hammer on Molly as the mantra “Today I do, tomorrow I will” - as seen on a Post-It - is repeated.

I have to say, Criminal Minds does a terrific job of crafting sociopaths. Sure, there is overacting and the conclusions might feel forced, but the characters are spot-on.

Odd as it feels to call the interactions between serial murderers and victims realistic, it always feels that way. Combine that our complex team of FBI agents and it's not a surprise that the program has been on the air for five-plus seasons.

Seaver, who we haven't seen as much of since her arrival last fall, finds books of daily affirmations and a journal that suggests drastic shifts in Molly's lifestyle.

At this point they're honing in, believing the UnSub gets close to the victims offering support of some kind, then dispatches them when they no longer need her.

Soon enough, Jane has Lyle tied to the bed as well. She tells Molly Lyle didn’t care she’s missing and says she deserves better. Luckily, Lyle is able to free himself.

After a dramatic confrontation, Lyle comes at Jane and prevents Molly from being killed, but Jane attacks him. Molly makes a run for it as the BAU closes in.

Molly nearly gets away but is hit by Jane, while Emily, and Reid reach the house and find Lyle dead. They estimate that Jane is now by the lake, which is right.

Just as Jane’s about to stab Molly and finish her off, she wakes up and swims away as the authorities finally place Jane under arrest in a frighteningly close call.

Meanwhile, Prentiss gets word from Tsia in France that Jeremy, their old team member, is dead. She's more certain than ever that Doyle is tracking them down.

Prentiss tells Tsia to flee France and come back to the US. Sure enough, we see Ian Doyle get off a plane in the United States. Where do you think this is headed?

Will we soon have a BAU without Emily OR J.J.? Can Seaver fill those shoes? Or will this plot being teased for weeks somehow not result in Prentiss' demise?

What did you think of this week's Criminal Minds? Discuss!


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Folks, wake up. This is the same network that let the lead female on CSI: New York go--not so much because they wanted a change but because they wanted her to take a pay cut. CBS has no respect for their female actors on crime procedurals. The network considers them interchangeable. Consider the evidence: Prentiss has a reduced role. JJ is gone. Stella is gone from CSI: New York. And even on the original CSI, Wendy was gone this season. What male actors were replaced in similar roles? *crickets* Yeah.


Seaver doesnt seem cold and distant to me. She seems very bland and contrived, blatant ripoff and is on the verge of crying. She actually seems to emotional about the cases. I do not like her, and to add to my frustration, Rachel Nichols already played a very similar character on the cancelled show "The Inside". RN wasnt very good in that either, which is too bad since the show had a lot of potential. RN cant act, she's just the most like one to take off her clothes for the camera.I cant believe cbs replaced AJ Cook with a second rate cheap imitation. Ironically, RN is also a bigger name. The show is going down, they need to fix it starting with sacking Seaver and bringing back JJ and keeping Emily.


I agree Michael. Jessica Steen would be good. I liked her on NCIS as Paula Cassidy. that was one of Tony`s girlfriends I like. anyways Seaver is no JJ


Can anyone explain what's going on yet with Seaver replacing JJ? She looks somewhat the same but seems to have no character and nothing to contribute to the show or storyline. JJ was much cuter in both looks and personality, and she seemed like an integral part of the team. She was also a very warmly humanizing element in the show. Seaver is cold and distant. I don't get it. Was the actress playing JJ a pain to work with? Did she want too much money to continue? Did she quit of her own volition for some reason? It's just oddly disturbing: everywhere you think JJ should be, there's this poor substitute instead.


I want JJ one can fill in her shoes,I want them all to stay...please


Seaver will not be able to fill those shoes. Not for JJ and certainly not for Emily either. SHe doesnt belong on the show and it seems that neither the writers nor the cast know what to do with her. She seems so useless and it also seems that the writers are trying to get the pity vote from the audience. Why must we be constatly reminded of Seaver's issues when none of the other cast is given that?


If they do Kill her off I know who can replace her Jessica Steen who play Paula Cassidy


No, Seaver cannot fill those shoes. She doesn't have enough feet and her personality isn't big enough.

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