Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Promo: "Two Hearts"

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Last night's Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior premiere garnered mixed reviews, with some fans and critics liking the new pilot, and others lamenting a lack of originality.

Will you tune in for the second episode next week? That's the big question.

Next Wednesday night, Cooper and the Red Cell team travel to Ohio to track down a killer they believe has been preying on single businessmen in Cincinnati hotels.

Check out the promo for "Two Hearts" below and tell us what you think:

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OMG, THEY USED KATY PERRYS SONG. ET lmao. i will watch this episode next week! because it seems intresting, but i didnt really like the pilot/ first episode, well because after the show, it left me in alot of confusion, FIRST:why is the old gymnasium their headquarters?

Sue ann

I've been a fan of Janeanne Garafalo for a long time -- she looks like she has been elongated and shot up with Botox. I didn't see the spark of humor which is her strong point. I hope this show is not as relentlessly depressing as its parent show is, but I expect that it will be. It is nice to see Penelope Garcia again -- she and Reid are the best ones on Criminal Minds, for me. I also was astonished by the portrayal of the director of the FBI. Seriously? Come on! The ratty gymnasium which seems to be their headquarters looks like a play on the ratty boathouse which is a set on NCIS Los Angeles. I guess if it works once, it works twice? I'll watch again, but for Garcia.


I thoght I wasn;t going to get past the raggedy looking Director of the FBI. Did any of the actors do any research on the FBI?, beacuse they could have done a better job for the first episode. Like someone else posted, "the actors didn't click". I'll keep wathching, it can't get any worse.

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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Quotes

the good thing about flying at 2am, is no traffic at the airport.


David: Why not kill me and get it over with?
Simms: I killed a guy like you once, it wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be.