These people have waged a war against their inner demons and lost.


Cooper: Heading up your own team; if that is what you want I will give you my full support.
Griffith: I doubt I will take it; the job that is, your support I will take every single day.

There are some lines people will not cross; there is the proof right there.


Ground control to Major Sam.


He is a puppet; there has to be a master.


I know what love is, nobility, and integrity. You want to test someone? To see how far they will go. Then shoot me!


Youíre his daughter, and some fathers will do anything for their daughter.


Lasalle: We think we are looking for a father harvesting skin for his disfigured daughter.
Prophet: Twisted sense of parental love.
Cooper: Love poisoned by guilt.

Cooper: Did this guy tell you what he wanted the pigs for?
Boyd: No, weird.
Prophet: Weird? You fought a bear dude.

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