Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Review: "The Girl In The Blue Mask"

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"We see people we love as we want to see them, not as they truly are."

When most of us read that phrase, we think we over look flaws in those we love. This week's episode, "The Girl In The Blue Mask," showed that this can be done for good or evil.

Everyone celebrate with me. After weeks of asking and wondering and with only two episodes remaining in the series, we finally got our Gina LaSalle episode!

And you know what? It was everything I knew it could be.

Gina had more dialogue in this episode than the last three episodes combined and we got to learn so much about her. Here is what I picked out: 

She has known Cooper for years: Did you catch the comment where he said he has known her and her father for 20 years, and that her father is still mad that he recruited her?

She has a sister: Not only did we learn she has a sister and her sister is "the smart one;" but her sister was being sworn in as a judge. 

She has underlying "daddy approval" issues: Not surprising given how stoic and strong she has been the whole time that she actually has some paternal approval issues. Add to that her father is some sort of Military Officer and you get the image of a very tough man to please.

Beau Garrett did a great job of portraying this aspect without feeling the need to wave it in our faces or beat us over the head with it.

She is stronger than she thought she was: After helping Kerri Anna come to grips with the fact she was not really disfigured, Cooper told her the story about the elephants in the zoo with the bottom line being she is strong and the chains she put on herself are weak. 

The story of Kristi Anna was very well woven in as a reflection of Gina. There were so many subtle layers going on, from Gina seeing reflections of herself in the victims like Cindy or Dawn; to her also seeing shadows of her relationship with her father in Kristi Annaís relationship with her father.

Ah, so much enjoyable Gina knowledge to digest, I feel like I just ate a big meal and I am all stuffed and content. Next week's finale will just be some desert or icing on this sweet cake.

What did you think? Where you happy with the amount of Gina story we got? Sound off on last night's CM:SB below!


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For Evelyn The following is excerpted from the best-selling eBook "Discovering Your Greatness". Do you know how they train elephants for the circus? When they are very young they chain them to a stake in the ground. Being spirited creatures they pull on the chain trying to get away. Over and over they try but to no avail. They aren't strong enough yet to break away from that little chain and stake in the ground. Soon they become convinced that it is impossible to break away. They believe that they can't do it so they quit trying. Seeing an enormous adult elephant being held in place by a small chain tied to a stake in the ground looks ridiculous. There is no way that tiny chain and stake can keep them where they are. In fact, the chain isn't what keeps them there. They became convinced that they could not break free and it is this belief that keeps them where they are. As an adult, if they would pull on that chain their belief would be changed and they would be free. Human beings are no different. They are chained in place as well. The chains are their beliefs and they keep people tied to "their place".


What was the actual quote said about the elephants? Anybody? I remember I loved it!


I hope we see these agent again on the mother show maybe they will help the BAU look for Prestess


FINALLY A GINA EPISODE!!!! I AM CELEBRATING WITH YOU, after I got the news that CBS cancelled the series (REALLY STUPID DECISION BTW!!!) I was wondering if we were gonna get to know Gina better, and now we did!! I really loved this ep!!! to bead we won't get anymore eps and another season.....

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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Lasalle: Odds are itís a girl, could be disfigured.
Griffith: Not necessarily, if he is delusional, she just has to fall short of his standard of beauty.

Cooper: Youíre going to go with Gina to the morgue. Sheís at her sisters swearing in ceremony.
Griffith: Judges, General, the FBI, that family scares me.