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I agree wholeheartedly with the points above im a UK fan so will watch tonight but the original criminal minds worries me for the same reasons we want this series to be great, watching series 1&2 again the team spirit and personal touches are so much more evident than the last 2series where the focus is almost entirely on the case, even Reids headaches only lasted 1episide! I hope Suspect Behaviour gives us these touches and stays true to them


I agree that this episode has definitely improved upon the premiere. It was more clear, more consistent, and more into the rhyme of what this spin-off should be and is about. The case is also well-written and give some pretty good twists.

I've been a big supporter of this spin-off from the very beginning and I intend to keep on supporting it, but that doesn't mean I don't see that there is room for plenty of improvement. There needs to be more focus on the characters not just as competent agents but also as people. The show needs to give out more character moments and interactions rather than just the team spitting out behavior analysis and FBI jargon. They need to allow the cast to interact and built rapports between the characters. We got a glimpse of that at the end of the first episode during the premiere when Prophet made full agent and everyone had a little hug-fest complete with Mick jumping on Prophet's back and everyone goofing around. The cast chemistry really shined in that moment and I believe the writers should allow for more moments like that, more focus onto the characters and their lives and their bond with each other. It's moments like that which makes the original Criminal Minds great, it's what makes a crime-procedural drama unique and more than just another cop show. They need to let the characters be real, be human, rather than being cardboard cut-outs. And if the writers can figure that out and let these characters grow and interact, I think the show will be just fine.

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