CSI: NY Review: "Vigilante"

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An opportunity was missed tonight on CSI: New York to field a very powerful and sensitive topic Tough questions were raised, but left to the viewers' discretion to answer.

In "Vigilante," a clear stance seemed to be drawn about vigilante justice, but left me wanting and wishing the writers had picked a better way to address the subject.

I'm sure the sense of unease I feel regarding the story is exactly what the writer's wished to induce. Uncomfortable topics can lead to discussion, but like some of the CSIs themselves, I feel a bit caught between a rock and a hard place.

Katie Price on CSI: NY

I understand that the law can never be taken into one's own hands. That the death of a predator that hurt someone I loved would likely just lead to more problems, but - and that's the important part - there's that part of me that thinks it would do a whole lot of good.

The problem this episode has is that it spent more time reasoning why this sort of justice is wrong, than it did to explain how victims of sexual assault could find a way to live their lives again. So, all the pep talks from characters like Lindsey and Jo fell on deaf ears.

It didn't matter to me if the murderers were caught, because I had no sympathy for the men they killed or the law they broke. All I could think was how awful for these women that in their minds there was no better way to ensure some semblance of justice.

Performances all around were solid.

Even though I didn't quite agree with Lindsey's lawful good rhetoric the character's struggle was easily felt. She clearly learned from her exchanges with Kate Price, one of the rapists' victims, to be a little more sensitive, and the importance of taking the time to really listen.

Overall, this wasn't a bad episode. I wouldn't be surprised if many viewers gave it a much higher rating than I did. It just hit too close to home for me. For an episode that was meant to focus on taking the law into one's own hands it missed the mark by trying to cover two topics at once.

Its message lost as mere preachy condolences, with no answers or sage advice.  


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Shooting Tomlin was a self-defense, as he was attacking Heather. But the most annoying thing in this episode is the fact that CSI team gave higher priority to protect the rest of the rapists by catching the rapist killer, than going after those rapists. The reason in this episode for rapist killing is because those who should take them to jail haven't done their job effectively.


that episode was terrible it was a slap in the face to rape victims. they spend all that time to find the killer of those a-holes just because they new it was a woman and they new she would be "weak" im boycotting that shiii for a while. i just cant believe they aired that. on top of that they killed the guys when the guys were trying to attack them, so what if they set them up thats what the cops do all day "to catch a predator" i'm really pissed, and by the way im male if that matters.


I liked th episode wasnt the best but still not bad. I don`t believe in taking someone life but I can see why they did it what these pigs called men did to those women makes me sick I felt bad For Kate she cut everyone from her life and then she saw the man who attacked her. the lawyer and the othe lady did it to protect other women for what these men did to women. but like I said I dont believe taking a life. but I can understand

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CSI: NY Season 7 Episode 15 Quotes

Danny: I have to say, whoever these women are, I admire their determination.
Jo: You think they did the right thing?
Danny: Eh... I mean, no. But, I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing in their position.

Why, because I'm a woman I should cheer his death? I'm a cop first. As much as I despise what he did I don't advocate vigilante justice.