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Warning: Do not follow the jump if you wish to remain surprised regarding one of Gossip Girl's more controversial, buzzed-about plot lines in some time.

This exclusive photo may confirm a dramatic development for two characters whose future has become a subject of heated debate among the fan community.

Or, it may hint at a romantic moment involving only one of said parties.

Check out who our staff member spotted kissing on the set ...

Dan and Blair Kissing on Gossip Girl!

Is this proof that it's on for Dair? If so, anyone who saw last night's episode can't be too surprised. The chemistry is there, and their feelings have been building for weeks.

And, from all indications, there is a major Dair cliffhanger set for February 28. But this isn't necessarily a scene from that episode, opening up a range of other possibilities.

The impending return of Prince Louis, for example.

Reactions? Comments? Theories on what finally brings Blair into Dan's arms, and whether this embrace will be but one of many - or if Humphrey is even the lucky guy here?

Sound off on this photo right here, right now ...

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I really loved this. I used to think a Dan-Blair relationship would be weird but after seeing some episodes I think it brings out interesting personalities. Blair brings out Dan's passionate, and a little less intense, side. And Dan brings out Blair's sweet less paranoid side. Yes she paranoid that she has feelings for him and that people will find out but she doesn't obsess about how everything has to be perfect she just likes being with him. I used to be a fan of Chuck-Blair but recently Chuck has become really boring to me he's like a business man. Everything was too intense and it wasn't love anymore, it was too screwed up to be love anymore. And I think serena is really kinda too screwed up to be with anyone right now. Overall, I really like Dan and Blair as a couple and I hope they give them more time to explore their feelings before bringing in a bunch of scandals that could potentially break them up. LOVED the episode! :)




Totally agree with chyler! Dair haters are trippin


what the fuck is with all these people saying they hate or don't like Dan if I recall he is one of the MAIN CHARACTERS I can't believe that anyone had rather see Blair with Prince Louie than Dan deny all you want but DAN and BLAIR BELONG TOGETHER and she met the prince what a handful of times I don't think he will be a regular on GG just long enough for BLAIR to realize she has feelings for DAN besides that prince is so fucking ugly and CHUCK is all wrapped up with business and I'm pretty sure from other sources he is jealous of NATE/RAINA and this big secret could be about him I'm thinking LILY first of all CHUCK and SERENA are two of the most selfish people it is always about them they don't deserve BLAIR or DAN they take them for granted and act like they will always be waiting once there done fucking their newest conquest you know what they actually would make a good couple cause they both are whores I use to like Serena until I saw how DAN always believes in her above everyone else and she chose BEN and as for CHUCK he is an asshole always has been even when he was trying to rape jenny on the roof season 1 or maybe screwing his best friends girl that one may can slide considering NATE screwed SERENA after that CHUCK put BLAIR through alot of shit when he finally sad I LOVE YOU that was sweet then season 3 he pimped his girlfriend out to his uncle for his hotel he planned to propose but got his feelings hurt and took JENNYS virginity then still planned on proposing he gets shot dissapears gets involved with EVA treats her better than he has ever treated BLAIR tries to sabatoge BLAIR then call a truce meet RAINA fall for her what about BLAIR? anyone that stupid and desperate for a men hell be my guest now DAN has been nothing but nice to BLAIR he has listened gave great advice and honestly cared on the valentines episode of BLAIRS reaction it has been 4 seasons DAN/BLAIR have brought GOSSIP GIRL back to life last season was a fucking bore and all this shit about Chair endgame I tell you what before that happens I hope they fuckin cancel(lol) then you will get your endgame ha xoxo


I feel like the writers are gonna pull Blair into a Philadelphia Story-type of storyline, hence why they showed it in that last seen with D & B.


I think I can see it clearly its Blair and Prince Louis. But at the same time, I read and see some pictures show Leighton Meester shoot some scenes with Dan, laughing and joking around. So, the kiss can't conclude anything for me now. Neither can Dair further relationship, although I really hope they end up 2gether.


I think I can it clearly its Blair and Prince Louis. But at the same time, I read and see some pictures show Leighton Meester shoot some scenes with Dan, laughing and joking around. So, the kiss can't conclude anything for me now. Neither can Dair further relationship, although I really hope they end up 2gether.


My Goodness! Blair is indeed wearing a HUGE ring on her engagement finger in those pics (b.t.w. ..love her outfit). So the question is ... who will be the lucky gentleman who gets to fight for Blair and wrestle her out of Louis's arms? Will it be Chuck OR Dan??!! Lets face it, Louis is not a series regular so something will happen to make him leave. SAG awards, Grammys, Superbowl and Valentine's Day all fell on Mondays, but I faithfully watched GG for developments on Dan and Blair. They are brilliant together. Carry on pro-longing their relationship fabulous writers, because it's the most enjoyable GG storyline yet.


Maybe it's just some fake photo like the one in season 2 where Blair was kissing Nate and Chuck wearing the same clothes. I really hope it's Louis though. I also want it to be Chuck sitting in that limo watching (hopefully crying!!)


Why do some people get upset over the idea of dan and blair and threaten the tv show? If im not mistaking it's all fake. its actors putting on drama for us. get over it. im a dair fan but what happens happens. im not gonna quit watching anything, because no matter what i still like mot of the characters and want to see their journey through the end!! I am actually a fan of the show as a whole, and not just watching for chair. so dair ftw!!

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