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Warning: Do not follow the jump if you wish to remain surprised regarding one of Gossip Girl's more controversial, buzzed-about plot lines in some time.

This exclusive photo may confirm a dramatic development for two characters whose future has become a subject of heated debate among the fan community.

Or, it may hint at a romantic moment involving only one of said parties.

Check out who our staff member spotted kissing on the set ...

Dan and Blair Kissing on Gossip Girl!

Is this proof that it's on for Dair? If so, anyone who saw last night's episode can't be too surprised. The chemistry is there, and their feelings have been building for weeks.

And, from all indications, there is a major Dair cliffhanger set for February 28. But this isn't necessarily a scene from that episode, opening up a range of other possibilities.

The impending return of Prince Louis, for example.

Reactions? Comments? Theories on what finally brings Blair into Dan's arms, and whether this embrace will be but one of many - or if Humphrey is even the lucky guy here?

Sound off on this photo right here, right now ...

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I don't want Dan and Blair together. What happened to girl code and you don't date your bff's ex's? Given Serena slept with Nate while he was with Blair, but they were young and still in High School. If Blair falls for Dan, then nothing has progressed w/age and wisdom, they'll still be the same immature school girls. In addition, the feud between Blair and Dan is entertaining as heck and fun. Having the only 2 people of opposite gender left on the show hook is sad and pathetic. Goes to show that they can't do any better than stay within their own group of friends. Besides, Blair still has feelings for Chuck and it's obvious, so why would she move on so quickly - especially with Brooklyn boy Dan? AND, as all shows on tv can be predictable, I'm sure Dan/Blair will declare their love for each other and as Dan is walking by will probably see Blair making out with the more suitable guy for Blair - the prince, and oh no "dun dun dun", show is over and have to wait until April. Bottom line I don't agree with Blair and Dan hooking up, no bueno.


hahahah whatever..... but dfntly, its not DB hus causing the low ratings... for all we know DB r the one hus saving the show..hahahahaha.... i am chair by heart but i guess for once hopefully blair won't b d first to give in to dan.... i hope its dan hu falls for her first... and i know chair will end up together but com'n Blair and Dan...they r spice to this boring season... f it wern't for them this season would be tasteless...so if chuck and blair is not yet to happen then i'm up to DAIR for awhile until writers won't let CHAIR get back together.... C&Y_23


I don't think that is Dair. It's Blair w some other guy. The guy's shape does not look like Dan at all. Sorry I think Dair should only be friends. I see no relationship chemistry in them. And I still do hope for a Dan & Serena reunion. He brings out the best in her.


LOL everyone.. i'm having a blast reading all these comments (yes, i know, i have no life).. look, everybody ships different ppl.. u cant convince ppl that chair is better than dair or vice versa.. personally i love chuck and blair together.. i know their relationship is unhealthy, but thats why i like it.. because its unrealistic!! thats the reason we watch GG.. but anyways, i dont really care if dair happens or if blair goes with louis.. i just want her to be with someone right now because she's been single for wayyyyyy too long.. make chuck jealous or something, i dont care.. u need to stop fighting.. and i agree with whoever said that "we can ship whoever we want".. i totally agree.. some ppl even ship chuck and serena which is reallyy weird and i have no idea why, but its their choice.. doesnt mean its gonna happen.. anyways end of rant =) and its actually funny how its chair vs. dair and no one has said anything about derena.. i thought a lot of ppl loved dan and serena together? i think all those fans have converted lol


I'm all about Blair and Dan. They are my favorite guy and girl on this show. I used to be all about Dan and Serena, but over the past few years, I have come to despise Serena...She's pointless and is never doing anything interesting. Her character boils down to "who should I date next?" BORING! Dan is waaay too good for her. And I know that everyone is pro-Chair, but I love the idea of dan and Blair. They really do have amazing chemistry and I think dan is really good for her, maybe he can help her grow up a little. I like that they are starting out as friends...its way cute. Maybe its crazy, but as "epic" as chuck and blair are...they seem to bring out the worst in eachother. I would like to see Blair with someone who brings out a somewhat good side. GO DAN AND BLAIR!


The couple Dan and Blair is FANTASTIC !!! :D


Agree, it's Louis. Dan's hair seems quite longer.


Look? I know how everybody are angry about everything what Chuck has done against Blair, but as Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester and the creators (I heared everybody of them said this words in their own way) said that Chuck and Blair are endless, epic, eternal)
So I think it can't end just like this...such a great story shouldn't have THE END...They both made mistakes and I know, Chuck has done them in a worsiest way, but PLEASE!they are only 20 years old and they are too young to do everything right!Maybe Chuck is egoist and has used Blair to win his hotel (I know it's too bad), but in this age it is so difficult to realize the relations and the woman next to you with the whole heart and to understand that you have a great responsibility! Guys in this age aren't dedicated!they think that everything is possible!and I have smth else to say about Chuck, Blair and a hotel...I think, Chuck was very upset about what his "mother" has done, that was a time he only started to believe in family,because he had Blair and he only truly realized for the first time how does it feel to be loved by someone...but than his "mother" has ruined everything, Chuck's fragile peace of mind and he's done the worsiest thing for Blair while he wasn't believing in things Blair has thaught him... And sometimes we do such a terrible things to the people we love just beacause we think that they forgive us no matter what..
So, I think, that he has a great chance to change himself and as we all know there will be the 5th season, so maybe Chuck could be a different person in it...just give him a chance..now he's lost and I don't like him being like this (just to bad for Blair), but everything is possible...
Dan is a nice guy anyway, I like him, they look nice, funny and as a kind of surprise together with Blair,and maybe smth's happen between them (it's GG), but I don't feel the same chemistry and love in this couple as in CB. CB is really epi� and eternal and it stays so,I am sure.
That's my opinion from Russia)


I LOVE DAIR!!!!!!Dair makes this season GG not boring anymore... PLS WRITER....MAKE DAIR HAPPEN.. they look so cute 2gether..LIKE SETH& SUMMER ON THE OC


Ok, Chuck and Blair were good together until the end of the season second. But I do not understand why people want Chuck and Blair to be together again.
Now I'm just annoyed whenever I see Chuck and hear his voice and his squinting eyes. "I'm Chuck Bass" and anything with "Bass industries" is probably the only thing he says nowadays.
First he loves Eva, then he hates Blair, then loves Blair and now he loves Raina. Then you blame Dan and Blair for that the ratings goes down.... REALLY??? Have we followed the same episode or am I missing something? What sensible girls had been with Chuck after all that he has made against Blair.
Blair is not so innocent either, but Chuck has been much more worse. So I think that Blair and Dan would be a good couple and quite fresh.
There you have an opinion from Sweden anyway and btw I know there are many who follow this series in Sweden over the internet simply because they have not started airing here after the mini-break in December.

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