Exclusive Gossip Girl Spoiler: Who's That Kissing ...

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Warning: Do not follow the jump if you wish to remain surprised regarding one of Gossip Girl's more controversial, buzzed-about plot lines in some time.

This exclusive photo may confirm a dramatic development for two characters whose future has become a subject of heated debate among the fan community.

Or, it may hint at a romantic moment involving only one of said parties.

Check out who our staff member spotted kissing on the set ...

Dan and Blair Kissing on Gossip Girl!

Is this proof that it's on for Dair? If so, anyone who saw last night's episode can't be too surprised. The chemistry is there, and their feelings have been building for weeks.

And, from all indications, there is a major Dair cliffhanger set for February 28. But this isn't necessarily a scene from that episode, opening up a range of other possibilities.

The impending return of Prince Louis, for example.

Reactions? Comments? Theories on what finally brings Blair into Dan's arms, and whether this embrace will be but one of many - or if Humphrey is even the lucky guy here?

Sound off on this photo right here, right now ...

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Don't you think that there might be another reason for the ratings? As for CB, yes, they were a great story for so long but this topic is already exhausted.I think we all had enough of it and anything more of CB will be a just a shallow repetition.


Just go check the ratings. There is nothing else to say. and look that GG isnt even competing with Dancing with the stars anymore. You think the ratings would go up.... But they are just going down.


Someone please explain to me, how DB is carrying the show if the ratings are awful? DB cant carry the show alone. PERIOD. They are not CB, cb carried the show alone in s2. DB? They are just killing the show.


Dan and Blair ARE carrying the show!!!! Their storyline is the ONLY new thing happening, all the rest is the same old scheming which quite frankly I am getting already bored of. Dan and Blair together is super-controversial and unexpected which makes the show interesting...


The only thing I find interesting in gg is chair. Yes, the writers dont make it easy for them but I have no other reason to watch. Why should I watch gg? Dan is boring, Serena annoys me, Vanessa is boring, Nate is cool but he has nothing to do. I don't like what the writers are doing with Chair or Chuck and Blair's characters, so the only reason I am still looking for spoilers (no way I am still watching the show) is that I still have hopes that the writers are gonna fix cb and their characters. But tbh i'll just wait till the end of the season. If I dont find the finale good for C and B as a couple and characters I'll just say XOXO GOSSIP GIRL. I just wont care anymore. I am so tired of the writers playing with the fans. They should just take a look at the ratings to see how much they are FAILING.


look, ever since season 1 episode 7, i've been a chair fan and im going to be one until the very last episode. yeah, they had some issues and chuck traded her for his company but blair has done some bad things too like in season 3, she made chuck kiss a guy. also, she tries to mess up every relationship that chuck is in so people shouldnt just blame it all on chuck. everyone relationship has problems and sometimes people love each other but need some time apart from each other so they can grow. love is about learning to work through all the problems and working hard at the relationship. chuck and blair love each other and even if they're with other people, they always will. right now, they just need to follow their own paths and do what's best for them. then in the future, when they're ready, they'll be together. if you're a true chair fan like me, you'll be patient because the writers knows that the majority of GG fans route for chair and that's the couple they're bring together in the end because writers listen to what their viewers want. go chair


Even if it's not Dan, there is still going to be a Dair kiss so WGAFF (who gives a flying fuck xD)if it's Louis. I don't understand those who want Chair to be endgame ( I personally hope Blair ends up alone as a strong independent woman who doesn't need a man, especially not Chuck!!) especially after everything he has done?! I guess they want Blair in a abusive, obsessive, and sickening relationship (It's like those people who ship Damon and Elena!). To each their own I guess =S.


I wanted to say thank god it's not Dan lol


Thank god it's Dan. Like someone else said, cant stand all the dair prop anymore. And they are pimping Dan too. GG WRITERS, DAN AND DAIR CANT CARRY THE SHOW. JUST STOP IT, PLEASE. And dair fans, just check the ratings.


Also, let's be logical, even if you don't know who it is. Since when does boring Dan Humphrey take the limo. Not hard, people, just use your brain and know the show. Those paps are place there- it's in the SAG call sheet as are "royals", so Dan and Blair don't exist anymore. I am relieved for that. Maybe the ratings will pick up again. This pairing is not loved like CB is therefore they cannot carry the show.

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