Exclusive Gossip Girl Spoiler: Who's That Kissing ...

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Warning: Do not follow the jump if you wish to remain surprised regarding one of Gossip Girl's more controversial, buzzed-about plot lines in some time.

This exclusive photo may confirm a dramatic development for two characters whose future has become a subject of heated debate among the fan community.

Or, it may hint at a romantic moment involving only one of said parties.

Check out who our staff member spotted kissing on the set ...

Dan and Blair Kissing on Gossip Girl!

Is this proof that it's on for Dair? If so, anyone who saw last night's episode can't be too surprised. The chemistry is there, and their feelings have been building for weeks.

And, from all indications, there is a major Dair cliffhanger set for February 28. But this isn't necessarily a scene from that episode, opening up a range of other possibilities.

The impending return of Prince Louis, for example.

Reactions? Comments? Theories on what finally brings Blair into Dan's arms, and whether this embrace will be but one of many - or if Humphrey is even the lucky guy here?

Sound off on this photo right here, right now ...

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That is Prince Louis.It has been confirmed by a few sites, this one obviously isn't resourceful at all. I believe Dan and Blair are certainly over and she will not ever be with Dan.Let's face it, Dan and Blair are not helping this show. Some may want them but it's just not in the cards. Chuck and Blair will eventually get back together. Not now, but eventually. I'm glad it's Louis. I don't like Dan and the propping for DB last episode was horrendous.I'll be so glad when it's over!


I'm also laughing at people who think Dair is endgame. So funny! Chuck and Blair will be together. Check out the ratings, ever since Dair was promoted it's been crap. So, no one is watching Dair or caring!


And yes, Dair can go to hell! It's killing the ratings and ,well, they don't amount to a damn thing.


Hey Dair fans, that ain't Dan it's Loius! Dan and Blair are OVER and practically won't exist and she dates the Prince Hate to burst that bubble...oh, wait, I'm not.. Chair is endgame. Get used to it and move on.




dair for life! they are the best thing in the world. I don't know why Chair fans are acting like this show is real life. I mean it's just a tv show. We can all wish who we want to be endgame, but in the end its the writers choice. All we can do is be openminded and enjoy the show. Personally, I hate Chuck. I never have liked the guy, but if that's the way the writers want it to go, that's the way it's gonna go. I'll just cherish the dair time and stuff. I'm hoping though that the writers will change their mind about endgame!!!!


@Iloveed thats a good theory hmmm but I think if they were doing that they would have made the pictures clearer so we could tell whos who


my first thought when i saw the photo was dan with his season 1 hair cut. but it dosnt look like him now at all because you can see his ears, an i clearly remember dan not looking like a monkey any more.
i'm pretty ashamed to say i dont rememer how the prince looks like, but who ever that is, it is NOT dan, a least not with his current hair.
and as much as hate the idea of the dair story line dissapering, i hate dans old hair more so i hope thats not him...


Hi guys, If you check out other fan sites with additional shots, that's Blair and Louis. We had it straight from someone who lives around the corner from where this was filmed.


That could be Louis too.
But if it's Dair, i really hope it's not going to last long.

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