EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Cohan on The Vampire Diaries, Chuck and More

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She may have caused many Vampire Diaries fans to cry their eyes out last week, but Lauren Cohan was nothing but a sweetheart in our exclusive interview with the actress.

Below, she talks about her supernatural themed-roles, her time on The Vampire Diaries and her upcoming role on Chuck.

As Rose

You appeared on Supernatural. Talk about working with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.
Oh, it was so much fun. I feel like those guys have such a nice relationship from having all of that time working together. You have to find ways to make these characters fun for you when you’re doing them for years on end, and Jared and Jenson both do that. They’re very gracious.

Do I sense a theme of supernatural roles?
I know. I think that might be the end of that theme. Well not the end, but Chuck is definitely not supernatural. It was funny for a minute there, I was like ‘I’m going to be this sci-fi CW girl’. I’m cool with it.

Were you a fan of The Vampire Diaries before you landed the role of Rose?
All I knew about The Vampire Diaries was the posters and how delicious they looked. (Laughs). It’s hard to keep up on everything, but I watched it as soon as I got the gig. I love how it really holds to the big teenage emotional issues, which everyone has to make communion with, and has all of this saucy vampire adventure. It gives it license to go even further with it. For me, it was My So Called Life and
Dawson’s Creek and they were my kind of emotional, and it made sense for what I was going through. This generation does that with vampires and action. Paul, Nina and Ian are just gorgeous, and really good. It was fun to watch the scenes I wasn’t filming.

How has the experience been different than other shows?
It was so much fun because I got to be unglamorous. We did the chop of my hair, and I learned that she was bit older than the other characters on the show, she had more history to her. It gave me a chance to explore things I hadn’t gotten to before... It liberates me. Rose wasn’t about being glamorous, she was about genuine friendship and the connection she had with Damon.

Why did Rose suddenly want to protect Elena?
Because I think she saw a lot of herself in Elena. At the end of the day, what Elena wanted to do was stop the people that she loves from being hurt, even if it meant sacrificing herself. She had respect for her.

On a scale of 1-10, how torturous was it to make out with Ian Somerhalder?
God. It’s like I kept asking them to get someone else to do it for me, a double. They just wouldn’t, I had to do it. It was horrible. I cried every night. Beyond 10, it doesn’t fit on a scale. (Laughs.) I can’t imagine the jealous woman. I don’t even want to go there, I don’t even want to know.

In summation, what was the best part of being a part of that show?
I got to be violent, I got to explore dementia. That’s not something that happens everyday on a TV show. I got to really make a mini movie with people that I had a really fun time with. I walked away with new friends, and I walked away with a new understanding of what I want to be able to create.

You have an upcoming character arc on Chuck. Can you talk a little about your character?
Her name is Vivian. She’s a recluse who Chuck and Sarah come to interrogate. They think she’s privy to some very special information. She ends up echoing chucks journey and unwittingly goes through a journey to a higher purpose. She’s searching for her purpose and finds out that it’s a lot darker and more complex than she ever could have imagined.


I loved her on Supernatural because she was a lot of fun to watch and I was so excited when I heard she would be on TVD. The character of Rose became my fave one besides Damon and I could cry all the time when I see or think about the death of Rose. It literally broke my heart. I really hope we won't find out that there is a cure for a werwolve bite... it would drive me mad!


I hated her on Supernatural and I hated her on Vampire Diaries. I am a huge Chuck fan and am not happy to hear she'll be on there. I hope I like that role better than her last ones.


RIP Rose, I liked her from the first, but ended up loving her. The dream scene was sad, beautiful, heartbreaking and tragic and hats off to Fain and Craft for the excellent ep. Would not want to be the next writer that has to top this. :) I am a big Damon fan and cried most of the last 20 minutes of this show, but also think Vampire Barbie, Caroline is awesome and want her and Tyler to get closer. Lauren and Ian looked great together and she was just what he needed, Elena has a lot of growing up to do before she is good enough for Damon.


She was great on the vampire diaries. Funny thing is the Damon fans hater her with a passion when she and Damon got together. Now that she's dead. There all, oh she was great, loved her, etc... I have to say that some of the Damon fans are really ruining this show. If you comment about other characters on the show the Damon fans tell you to go to another show or just get really abusive. My friends and myself really try to not comment on certain sites because of the put downs. Love Caroline and Jeremy's character but can't stand all the crap from Damon fans. I don't know if it's because a bunch of 12 and 13 year olds or older lonely women just have nothing better to do then to put down other people. I have a feeling this show will go for season 2 possibly season 4 then it'll be done because of Damon fans. Lets face it the guy is 32 and really can't see a kid liking/loving a guy 33 or 34, well unless there looking for a daddy figure or the older lonely women dreaming. Sorry to be so harsh, just getting fed up.


I thought I wouldn't at first - but I loved her in TVD. She brought out a lot of Damon, but I think she also brought out of lot of Elena, in a lot of ways. Rose's character might have been two days's short, but she'll be remembered, for sure! :)


She brought so much to the show, she was mature yet young and fun loving. I enjoyed the show more with her in it and sad to see her leave. It would have been a dream to have her be a main character.


I loved her on Supernatural and The Vampire Diaires. I'm gonna miss seeing her on The Vampire Diaries. I bawled like a baby when Rose died on The Vampire Diaries. Lauren Cohan is such an awesome actress, she's one of my favourites.


I just loved her role an TVD....and i DID cry my eyes out when Damon did :'(....


Loved her on both Supernatural and TVD. I don't really watch Chuck so looking forward to her next project.


She was cool on TVD, and Supernatural, dont watch Chuck, cant stand that annoying geek!

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