Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: "While You Weren't Sleeping"

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Photos from the February 21 episode of Gossip Girl hint at plenty of drama to go around on Eric’s 18th birthday. As usual, Serena must choose between Ben and her family.

Damien is back (or still around) for unknown reasons, while the relationship between Chuck and Lily remains icy in the aftermath of Lily’s betrayal. Then there's Blair.

She decides to speed up the timetable on her career path to becoming a powerful woman, but will she end up stretching herself too thin in "While You Weren’t Sleeping"?

For sneak peeks and photos from next week, visit our "It-Girl Happened One Night" page. Then Click to enlarge the photos from Feb. 21 below and share your thoughts ...

UES It-Girl
Makin' it Raina
Young Eric
B. Waldorf Photograph
Lil Mama
Ben and S
18-Year-Old E
B on the Phone
Career Gal
It-Girl Seeker
Social and Career Climber
Blair and Dan Photo
Damien is Back
Time For Cake!
VDW Siblings
Nate and Raina

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are you insane .every dam thing bwt serena is awsum go shoot peanuts


agree with every thing you sayd


Lily, keep your hands from Chuck and get out!!


Does any1 else agree that serena is soooo annoying??? Im all for the DAIR to come the show need a bit of shaking up... chuck and raina have all the chemistry of a donut and the whole bass industry takeover is boring bring on DAIR at least it'l b interesting an i hope evil little J cums back nate is all lonely lol


i agree with dee123.. Ben needs to leave asap!


This is so stupid. Jenny would be at Erics 18th bday party


DAIR!!!!! ♥


What the hell are you smoking? He makes Vanessa look interesting & that's quite a feat.


Ben Donovan HAS to be a main character in GG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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