Gossip Girl Review: The Implosion of Blair Waldorf

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As Gossip Girl episodes go, no one will accuse "While You Weren't Sleeping" of being one of the more boring installments. There was enough going on to make your head spin.

All in all, it was a pretty good episode if you can overlook some major plot holes and storytelling that seemed a bit jumbled at times. The best part was Miss Leighton Meester.

I'm still on the fence regarding Dair (although inching closer to the YES column), but I'm a card-carrying member of Team Leighton. She's been carrying the show these days.

Watching the disheveled, scatterbrained Blair try to keep it together was priceless, funny and sad at the same time. You loved seeing her crash and burn, yet sympathized.

Blair and Dan Photo

That's how a great character should make you feel, and Leighton brings Blair to life with such panache. Her new foil/friend/possible hookup, Penn Badgley, is no slouch either.

Last night, we saw the once-unflappable Blair falling apart at the seams, and who was there to pick up the pieces but Dan. Not Chuck, not Nate, not even Serena, But Dan.

These two are so cute, and the Gossip Girl writers, for all their convoluted and absurd plots, deserve credit for really allowing Dair's relationship to blossom over many weeks.

Watching Dan trying to help his non-friend multitask, brushing off her rapid-fire knee-jerk insults and ultimately being there for her was the highlight of the night, bar none.

When they ordered pizza together and fell asleep watching movies at the loft, I found myself really happy. I don't know if the fan community at large agrees, but that's me.

Of course, the episode wasn't ALL Dair-related (unfortunately, some might say). There was a whole lot else going on, ranging from drug deals to double agents ...
  • Chuck and Lily buried the hatchet, duping Russell into thinking they were still feuding. She then flirted with Russell while Chuck broke into the Thorpe's office, and even Rufus got in on the gamesmanship a little bit. Woo!
  • Nate was tasked with keeping Raina busy during Chuck's espionage. Nate enticed her to skip a lunch date with Ivanka Trump with some video games and weed. The return of stoner Nate? Definitely another highlight.
  • On his 18th birthday, Eric was blackmailed into becoming a drug mule for Damien, whose smuggled cocaine was waiting in packages of pink tulips that he somehow couldn't grab himself because of his father's watchful eye.
  • We know, it makes no sense. The short version: various mishaps lead to the wrong stuff getting picked up and Damien crashing Eric’s party wanting $100,000 to pay off his clients or else he'll unveil the secret of Lily’s forged affidavit.
  • Ben is warming up to Lily and so in love with Serena.
  • Vanessa showed up for some reason.

In the end, Damien was thwarted by one of about 600 holes in the blackmail story - Ben refusing to cooperate. Never mind that it was Serena’s testimony and proving Lily forged anything based on Damien's testimony would be near-impossible. Anyway.

The final moments show Damien teaming up with Russell Thorpe (now there's an unlikely, ridiculous alliance) to bring down the Van der Woodsen/Bass/Humphrey alliance.

Regarding the love connections, do you see a spark between Serena and Ben? I'm indifferent on that couple. As for Nate and Raina, hey, crazier things have happened right?

Watching their impromptu date, I couldn't help but think there was more chemistry there than between Raina and Chuck. Not that the bar was set too high there, but still.

As for Dan and Blair, what happened after the credits rolled and what the fallout will be next week, we leave you with the CW's promo for the February 28 episode ...

What did you think of last night's Gossip Girl, and how do you think things will play out next week? Who are your favorite couples/characters these days? Discuss!


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Dan-Love Dair! I was so against it at first because I thought it was nice that at least two people on the show hadn't been together, but now I love it!
Serena-Oh my God, get over Ben! He looks at least 40 and he's ugly and has no charm, she's dating him out of guilt. They have no chemistry and it's just boring.
Blair-Love her to death, love Dair. Of course I want Chair together in the end, but she can settle with Dan for now since Chuck is being more boring than a rock with the whole Thorpe plotline. Believe it or not, Gossip Girl isn't about business deals.
Nate-I hate Raina, why would he date her? She's ugly and annoying, she really does nothing for me. I hope she isn't a permanent addition.
Vanessa-YEAHHHH SHES BACK. Now where's that Jenny? Nothing's excited without the queen bitch!
Eric-What a cutie. Why doesn't Gossip Girl ever let him kiss his boyfriends though? Chuck kissed a guy and he's straight in real life...
Chuck-SO BORING. He looks like a robot the way he talks with his hands about business deals...NOBODY CARES. Let's get a new plot line, we need more Blair/Chuck sexual tension...Ooooh a love triange with Dan and Blair! Overall-Get rid of the Thorpes, keep Dair together until Chuck does something crazily romantic to get Blair back, get rid of Ben, give Eric someone to love and kiss, and give Lily and Rufus some marital issues (they drive me crazy, both of them), AND BRING THE QUEEN BITCH BACK.


Pretty good episode...
At first I HATED dair because they were the only two main ppl that havent dated and it made it slightly more interesting...like contrary to the show's plots, just cuz u can hold a conversation with someone doesnt mean u can date. but now i am seeing lots in common and theyre sooo cute...all of blairs romances are cute since shes so damn stubborn! definitely all for chair in the end, though, but chuck has been annoying recently, the business plot doesnt do anything for me. rainas ugly and boring, but im glad vanessas back. WHEN WILL JENNY RETURN??? i mean i hate her but its just sooo boring without her! And why does Eric never kiss any of his bfs? We need some gay action! Serena and Ben are soooo boring Ben has no personality and hes sooo ugly. Pretty good ep over all,


There is a reason why Ben and Serena do not have any chemistry and why they are not supposed too. For one, he's really not that into her, wasn't when they first met either; he has bigger fish to fry. He wants someone to pay for him losing his life. First he thought the culprit was Serena and now he knows its Lily. He was willing to go to almost drugs and death to make Serena pay, so based on past doings, it's obvious he would use Serena to get at Lily. What did he tell Juliet, to get inside.... As much as he hates Damien, I think he's more worried he's going to get in the way of some master plan he has. There's a reason he's here and it's not to fall in love with S, I mean the writers could have just put her back with Nate these past few weeks, at least then Nate would have had a storyline. Although S being occupied with Ben does make room for the Dair storyline. And did anyone else catch the quote and attitude from S when she showed up at W and asked Dan "What are you doing here?"


I really want Dan and Blair to get together next episode. I know that Chuck and Blair will be together in the end and as long as that happens until then B deserves someone nice. Serena and Ben are the most boring couple ever. They have zero chemistry and Ben just needs to leave already. He was good earlier in the season with Juliet, now he's just dull. The whole Thorpe story line doesn't interest me that much, if it wasn't for Dair and Damien I would've slept through the episode. I hope that Damien stays for a while. I don't mind Vanessa returning since I don't hate her at all. I want her to get back with Nate because I think that was the only person Nate could actually be with for more than 3-4 episodes. The season started off great, but I think the Thorpe sl is bringing it down. Hopefully now that Damien is involved it'll get better. Oh and Jenny needs to come back as well.


Dair forever!! I can't believe how much I love them, wow I'm completely obsessed. I hope the writers don't mess it up!


I am now a team DAIR member as well. I used to really like the Chuck and Blair relationship, because they have such chemistry, but he really has treated her terribly and doesn't deserve her. Blair and Dan are really the most interesting part of the show these days. I can't stand Serena, she is flighty and fickle, and she thinks that she is above it all, when she is not. The number of guys she's been "serious" about is ridiculous and none of the guys seem to hold a grudge about it! I always liked Vanessa and thought Dan would have been better with her than Serena. Vanessa was willing to help him with the baby and always stood by him, she was screwed over with the situation with Juliet. I really like Blair and Dan, but would settle with seeing him with Vanessa again. Nate is BORING, he's a 2 dimensional character that relies on his good looks, and I don't think he's THAT good looking. Chuck is getting a little old with his shenanigans, and I would love to see him change it up. Eric needs a life, he's playing this lonely gay guy thing to the death. He lives in NYC, there are plenty of gay guys and a lot of tolerance, he's cute and rich, he seriously can find some friends and a date. Where they heck has Jenny gone? Also, Serena and Ben have zero chemistry, but you never get a build up with her anyway, so I can't think of the last time I've seen her have genuine chemistry with any character. Sometimes I wonder why I still watch, but I do really like Dan and Blair, separately and together.


I like the Joey/Pacey - Blair/Dan similarities brought up, I think these couples kinda have similar chemistry. Meaning: LOADS.
I am a die-hard Dair fan (was from the beginning of season 3 actually when Dan told Blair to forget the hairband or what), so I LOVE to watch these eps but I'm also well aware of the fact that it was not "meant to be" *originally* so I'm prepared fot the letdown.
HOWEVER, I do have a comforting thought to all my fellow Dair fans: I dunno how many of you watched the show Veronica Mars, but there was actually a given golden couple (Veronica and Duncan) and then started exploring another pairing (Veronica and Logan), and because of that insane chemistry of the latter one, the writers actually CHANGED the original plotline/storyline and made Veronica and Logan the "epic" couple.
So all I'm saying is, it *could* happen, Dair could have a shot on the long run. We'll see. In a way, it always, ALWAYS comes down to what the majority wants.


On the Joey Pacey topic, it was the third season when the chemistry started to really build between the two, a friendship actually (and it took three-plus seasons to get them there) Yet the whole purpose of the show was to develop the soul mate status between Joey and Dawson. And at the end of the sixth and final season episode, half way through filming, the writers on a whim changed the ending from Joey with Dawson to Joey with Pacey, which was sort of a big shocker considering the show was called "Dawson's" Creek. But there was something special about Jacey the writers couldn't ignore. So there reallly is no sure bet if there's going to be a Dair or a Chair or a Lair or a XYZair until that final episode airs, or they could do the Gilmore Girl approach and have her be just Blair. But one thing is for sure; this show is really the Leighton Meester hour. And the true fans will stick with it and watch week after week the ups and downs of Blair and companys' lives as they make mistakes, try new things (good and bad), and take down a constant force of villians (at least a new one every three episodes) regardless of who Blair's soulmate is. Because what we really love is their or more specifically her journey! And on a final note, so if you don't even watch the episodes, then why in the hell are you posting a comment? It's like going to vote and you don't even know whose running for President!


Dair along the way. But I really have to prepare my craziness if the show decides something else :# that chemistry, that scenes together and all that for nothing? Have to mean something!


DAIR DAIR DAIR DAIR DAIR!! I used to be obsessed with Chair. But they've really managed to make me a convert. I can't help it, I have the biggest crush on Penn. He can do no wrong by me.
Well. Except Vanessa.

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