Gossip Girl Round Table: "While You Weren't Sleeping"

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Welcome back to the weekly TVF Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel breaks down the previous night's episode (see our review from earlier this morning).

Below, lead Gossip Girl writer Mister Meester joins esteemed editor-in-chief DANdy and TV Fanatic CEO Gossip Guy to discuss "While You Weren't Sleeping" ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: While I did appreciate all of Gossip Girl's cheesy Rolling Stones references, something about watching Blair stumble to apologize to Dan got me smiling.

Mister Meester: Anything out of sleep-deprived Blair's mouth was classic, but my absolute favorite was Dorota chastising the minion with "She has no time to care."

DANdy: Not sure if it was meant as a laugh line, but I guffawed over Lily's simple statement to Eric: "I'm relieved you're not going to overdose."

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2. How much do you love Dair?

Gossip Guy: They may not have the raw sexual chemistry of Chair or the ridiculous good looks of Serenate, but could you find a more fun couple to watch banter on the screen? These two characters are usually always given the best lines and watching them interact with each other is pure pleasure each week and probably the best part about this show these days.

Mister Meester: Pretty hard.

DANdy: I love Dan and Blair, but let's be clear: no spit has been swapped, making any proclamations of "Dair" premature. I move to strike the nickname from record until the time it has been properly earned.

3. Harder to believe: Damien thinking he can actually blackmail Lily with the affidavit, or Thorpe partnering with a random dealer who just waltzes into his office?

Gossip Guy: Ooh I love Harder To Believe: Drug Dealer Edition! Definitely giving it to the respectable business tycoon partnering with some kid who wanders into his office in the middle of the night. Look, I've seen The Chicago Code and know Chicago business and corruption go hand-in-hand, but isn't this a little small time and trivial for Thorpe?

Mister Meester: The blackmail. No way he could prove that based on what is, legally, just hearsay and with the accused party raising doubts about the reputation of a known drug dealer. You'd think he would realize this and just drop it.

DANdy: The potential partnership. I haven't seen a pairing this random since Justin Bieber appeared on CSI.

Young Eric

BIRTHDAY BOY: Eric played a big, albeit confusing role this week.

4. Should Nate and Raina date?

Gossip Guy: God this show is so incestuous, but given the limited dating pool? Sure. Nate was battling Rufus for the Uselessness Scale in recent weeks so at least there'll be some excuse to show him on screen, even if it is just playing Wii with Chuck's leftovers.

Mister Meester: If it means the return of stoner Nate playing Wii all day, I'm all for it.

DANdy: Yes. She may blackmail him with the "Tik Tok" intel she possesses otherwise.

5: Given that Rufus actually had a (small) role and V actually showed up, rate last night's episode from 1-10 on the Vanessa Uselessness Scale!

Gossip Guy: OMG. As much as I want her to go away, I was so glad to see V's bright green clueless eyes appear on screen because I knew I'd have something to rant about this morning! We're obviously going with a 50. Now let's discuss why! Lame apology to Dan and NOT Serena? 10. Wandering into the party of the little brother of the person she nearly killed? 10. Not even reaching Serena in time and pulling off her one purpose this episode? 10. Being Vanessa? 20.

Mister Meester: Umm, 6. She earns some respect for wearing normal clothes, and for a good line or two, but had she not returned I wouldn't have noticed.

DANdy: 2.5. The "ether flashbacks" line made her appearance worthwhile.

6: Write a birthday message to Eric.

Gossip Guy: Happy Birthday little buddy. I hope you get what you deserve this year: a true friend, revenge on Damien, and some better story lines. xoxo, Gossip Guy.

Mister Meester: Eric, I hope this message finds you well and your 18th birthday was everything you wished for and more. See you soon. Sincerely, Ostroff Center.

DANdy: Dear E: I often mistake you for Jeremy on The Vampire Diaries. Sorry about that. Happy birthday!

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I was looking everywhere and this ppeopd up like nothing!


It's a tie btwn Lily & Chuck for pure gold lines. Lily: What are you doing? Do you realize how gauche it is to open gifts at a party? Before dessert!
Eric: I was just so excited to have an addition to my stock portfolio. Just excellent.


I really liked this episode. Gossip Girl has gone better (thank god) from the beginning of this season. I'm really lovin Damien, but i think it's Harder To Belive that he went to Russel Thorpe. I never thought i would say this but I'm starting to love Dair. Ofcourse, Chair is endgame, but still, Dair is fun to watch. Waiting for next week!!


No offense but Vanessa should be killed off the show!!!
I think the most USEFULL think she can do is kill herself...


1. Best line is Dorota: "She has no time to care."
2. I love Dair completely and want them to end up together forever.
3. Everything to do with Thorpe Enterprises or Damian as Blackmailer is utterly beyond belief. Some of that is okay--after all, the show is fantasy! However, these stories are just stupid and one doesn't care to watch them. That's unforgivable. Also, this whole Thorpe nonsense is making Chuck boring. Think about that: Chuck. Boring. I thought it was impossible, but no.
4. Nate and Raina, fine, whatever. They go together better than Chuck/Raina, who are a completely weird pair. Nate needs someone controlling to lead him around, so... it works. I really liked Nate with Juliet, but the drugging thing put her too far over the top of "redeemable". I wish they had found a lesser way for Juliet to seek revenge on S., one for which Nate could have forgiven her.
5. Normally I don't find Vanessa offensive, although I don't like her much either. However, in 2x16 she was way beyond useless to "actively irritating". Just go away. Unless she's going to piss off Blair and thus bring Blair closer to Dan. If so, then V. can stay.
6. Happy birthday, Eric. Jonathan will be popping out of your cake in 10, 9, 8...


1. Best Quote: Serena: "Blair, what were you thinking?
Blair: "That I would arrive at this party and be greeted appropriately?" God I love Blair. She saves this show every.single.week. 2. I am totally on Team Dair all of a sudden. I am so sick of Chuck and how he treats Blair and puts everyone and everything in his life before her. She deserves to be w/ someone like Dan for a change and hopefully that will make Chuck see what he's missing and then he needs to GROVEL and chase her. 3. Thorpe is quite an idiot, but still, teaming up with some random dealer off the street who demands 100K for info? Come on. 4. I really don't care for Raina so she doesn't deserve hot guys IMO. She needs to dump Chuck, Nate needs to dump her, and she needs to leave. Then Nate can find someone as hot as himself, and Chuck can beg 4 Blair's forgiveness...and watch her date Dan for a while. 5. Vanessa's uselessness is ALWAYS 100. It doesn't matter what she does. I'm annoyed she returned and that the writers are trying to make her relevant by having her overhear any important conversation. 6. Happy B-day Eric! You got all of the brains and none of the sluttiness that runs in your family! Congrats!


BAHAHAHA! Vanessa is such a joke. I really wonder why they keep her around? She's already slept with all the guys so she is not needed for romantic purposes...plus she's whiney and pointless. Its alwasy "poor me, I don't fit in.." with her. She needs to quit stalking Dan so he get carry on his relationship with Blair. I swear if Dan and Vanessa ever get back together, I just might stop watching. I can barely watch the show whenever she is on anyways...
Now onto Dan and Blair. BEST COUPLE YET. I am in love with them. He is my favorite guy on the show and she is my favorite girl. THey both know who they are, but they help eachother to develop...its golden. Their chemistry is awesome and I want them to end up together. Sorry Chuck and Blair fans. I used to be a Chair fan, but not anymore....not since I was introduced to Dair. Hope the writers aren't just messing with us and make into nothing...that would suck really bad.


I totally agree, Camilla! Season one was the best! remember little innocent fully-dressed and hardly-wearing-make-up Jenny? aww good times. Now, there's too much going on with all that Bass/Thorpe business talk which is sort of interesting but let's face it, nobody really gives a tiny rat's ass. The Nate and Raina thing came out of the blue but at least Nate had something to do this episode and they actually remembered he was still at university which btw nobody is attending anymore?? Still, I wonder what their nickname will be... Naina or Rate?? As for Dair, I like watching them as friends but only that and nothing more!! Serena and Ben sucked once again (will they ever get rid of this guy??) and Vanessa deserves a number on the uselessness scale in the range of Eric's ridiculously high debt to Damien. I think the writers should take her off the show to make a Gossip Girl spin off: "everybody hates vanessa", chris rock style. xoxo Annie Natlumphrey / Anne Natlabald


I miss season 1, when watching Gossip Girl equalled taking a break from daily life and diving into this glamorous world, with characters I could relate to, one way or another. It's still one of my fav shows but let's be honest: there's wayyyy too much stuff going on! It's getting really hard to keep the 1 million story lines in mind and almost impossible to still really relate to anyone on the show. But at least the clothes are still nice...


1. Can't pick a fav from Dan & Blair's banter, so I'll go with Damien's "I always knew you read too much Shakespeare to be sane" to Ben.
2. Love Dan & Blair / DAIR. Reason I follow the show.
3. Rusell taking Damien's word for it. What kinda billionaire is that ?!
4. Better Nate/Raina than Chuck/Raina. Nate/Raina was slightly charming. Chuck/Raina was torture to watch.
5. I know this is nothing to do with the question, but how hateful was Vanessa? That was the most selfish apology ever and the way she blew up at Dan made me want to smack her!! Ire and irritation always accompanies V's appearance (for me). Hope V will do something so unforgivable to Ben/Serena / whatever and be banished! FOR GOOD !

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