Grey's Anatomy Review: "Not Responsible"

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This week's Grey's Anatomy, “Not Responsible” focused on the complicated relationships of Seattle Grace. And we mean complicated, even by Grey's Anatomy standards.

After looking at Derek’s plans of the dream house, Meredith admitted to Alex that she was having problem with her eyes, which seemed to get worse throughout the episode. Meredith finally admitted to Derek that she could not see well when he asked her to assist with a surgery.

Lucy told Meredith that she had to discontinue the fertility medication, and the Chief said that Meredith could not even observe surgeries until she recovered. If Meredith is forced to choose between her career and having a baby, which do you think she will choose?

April and Stark

Alex asked Lucy out yet again, and she refused once again. This is becoming a common theme on the show. Will she eventually give in when she so obviously has a crush on Alex?

One of the Alzheimers patients had a young son with a bump on his neck. Because the cyst was dangerous and the child had not been receiving proper medical attention, Dr. Stark asked Arizona to call child protective services.

April tried to help the family and told Dr. Stark that the son was cherished by his parents.

Dr. Stark decided against calling CPS and asked April on a date since she was the first person who was able to change his mind in 10 years. Dr. Stark was a little bit more likable in this episode.  Do you think he will be a good addition to the show in the future?

Could he and April possibly work as a couple?

The saddest sub-plot of the show involved a cystic fibrosis patient who needed a lung transplant. Since the patient’s girlfriend also had cystic fibrosis, they were not supposed to date because it was dangerous for both of them.

The patient explained to Teddy that life without risk was not worth living, and Teddy ordered him to break up with his girlfriend or else she would not allow the transplant to go forward. The couple broke up, and Lexie convinced the girlfriend to leave the hospital, explaining that everyone had more than one true love.

Lexie also admitted to Avery that she missed Mark and actually believed that everyone has one soul mate. Avery told Lexie that he had feelings for her. Were you surprised that they ended up in the shower together? Is this the beginning of a legitimate committed relationship or is it going to be casual? Lexie seems to be confused about what she wants.

Adele and Miranda

Adele was back in the hospital after another accident, and the Chief assigned Bailey to the case. Ultimately, Bailey convinced the Chief to talk to Derek about Adele’s possible early on-set dementia.  Where do you think this story line is going? Does Adele actually have Alzheimers?

Arizona wanted Callie to have an amniocentesis, and Mark did not want Callie to have it because of the risk involved. Arizona and Mark tried to show who is boss in their relationship with Callie throughout the episode. Callie decided to get the amnio, and Mark explained that he really just wants everyone to vote on the decisions affecting the baby.

Arizona admitted to Callie that she is upset that she’s stuck with a lifetime full of Mark. Do you think that Callie, Arizona, and Mark can ever really have a perfect relationship or will Arizona and Mark keep competing with each other? Would Callie cut Mark out of the baby’s life to please Arizona? Would Arizona walk away from Callie?

Cristina mentioned to Owen that she does not want children. He replied that she will probably come around in a couple of years. Owen also became angry with Cristina for refusing to share his life vision. This led Cristina to second guess their marriage. 

Do you think Cristina’s being unfair or should Owen have known what he was getting into when he married her? Do you think that their marriage will last?

The end of the episode was reminiscent of past seasons. Meredith and Cristina were discussing their problems while Mark, Owen, and Derek hit golf balls and talked about their woman issues. How did you feel about the ending?

Here are some of the night's best Grey's Anatomy quotes ...

Mark: I've lost too many babies in my time. Addison terminated. Sloan disappeared. I'm not letting it happen again. I don't care what kind of baby it is. | permalink
Arizona: We have a relationship, Mark. Part of that doesn't include you. | permalink
Alex: Can you even see me?
Meredith: Yeah, and you look like a real moron. I need a real eye doctor. | permalink
Meredith: I'm taking baby drugs to make my uterus less hostile... | permalink
Meredith: Everyone figures doctors are the most responsible people they know. They hold lives in their hands. They're not flakes. They don't lose track of important details or make stunningly bad judgment calls. 'Cause that would be bad, right? | permalink
Mark: Mrs. Webber, I'm about to put a needle in your face. I'd be extremely grateful if you'd stop moving. | permalink
Mark: We're co-parenting us, all of us. This isn't a joke. It's not some cute arrangement where you humor me and use me for babysitting when you want to see a movie. This is my child. We're doing this together. You don't get a bigger vote. I'm a parent! | permalink
Cristina: Nobody parented you. This is to be expected. | permalink
Cristina: I am so grateful you're not trying to knock me up. | permalink
Lexie: He's a good man. I didn't think about it when I walked away. I just got mad, and I walked. | permalink
Avery: You really want to be dating a guy, two women, and a baby? | permalink
Avery: If I had to hear something like that, I'd want to hear it from you. | permalink
Avery: You got to be kidding me with this crap, Lexie. Nobody has just one soul mate. That'd be such a dumb system. | permalink
Lexie: It always feels like there is just one person in this world to love, and then you find somebody else, and it just seems crazy that you were ever worried in the first place. | permalink
Cristina: It was hasty. I was a PTSD wastoid shivering on the coach. Maybe we didn't think this through.
Owen: Stop it. You don't get to pull that crap with me. We got married not because you're a basket case but because we loved each other and we wanted a life together. | permalink
Owen: You have an obligation to at least pretend that you care what the hell I want. | permalink
Arizona: I don't get excited by Mark. I'm not delighted by Mark. | permalink
Arizona: I never picked him, and I don't hate him, but I don't want a life with him. And yet that's somehow what I got. | permalink
Arizona: Ok, can we just be honest about the fact that is some kind of "bi" dream come true? I mean you get the woman that you love and the guy best friend who's also a great lay and then you get a baby. I mean you get it all. Me—this is not my dream. My dream does not look like this. | permalink
April: It's weird, it's weird, it's weird. I mean he's old and mean. He's like the Grinch. | permalink
Meredith: We are responsible with our patients. The problem is we blow it all out at work. In our own lives, we can't think things through. We don't make the sound choice. We did that all day at the hospital. When it comes to ourselves, we've got nothing left. And is it worth it—being responsible? Because if take your vitamins and pay your taxes and never cut the line, the universe still gives you people to love and then lets them slip through your fingers like water, and what've you got? Vitamins and nothing. | permalink


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ma ragazzi vi ricordate le prime stagioni di grey's anatomy?il candore d George,la sensibilità di Izzie,il sarcasmo di Cristina ,il cinismo di Alex,il conflitto di Meredith,il loro desiderio di crescere e la paura di farlo,abbiamo seguito le loro storie d'amore sempre interessanti e mai stancanti.Le passioni,i tormenti,le gelosie hanno condito lo spettacolo rendendolo avvincente e piacevolissimo.Adesso assistiamo a delle situazioni a dir poco imbarazzanti : un triangolo amoroso CAM dove il potere decisionale spetta alla vagina,con soggetti il cui spessore umano e morale lascia molto a desiderare sembrano tutti immaturi e infantili:Mark che tradisce l'amico del cuore portandosi a letto la moglie,ignorando le sue esortazioni riguardo Lex ,mettendo incinta con superficialità un'amica desiderosa di coccole perchè abbandonata.C'è Arizona che potrebbe realizzare il sogno della sua vita aiutare i bambini dell'Africa ma torna a casa dall'amata che nel frattempo si è consolata tutto questo alla faccia della responsabilità e della consapevolezza dei ruoli.Infine c'è Callie fino a qualche tempo fa un personaggio di secondo piano che non sa se essere lesbica oppure no,che si consola con troppa facilità e sempre con lo stesso uomo ,che diventa petulante e infantile.Alla luce di tutto questo gli stessi sceneggiatori non dovrebbero meravigliarsi della continua emorragia degli spettatori .Shonda forse vive un periodo di stanca e i personaggi di greys anatomy non la stimolano più forse è troppo presa dalle altre serie che sta curando.A me manca anche tanto Miranda sempre così energica,combattiva in passato e oggi quasi un adolescente alle prese con le prime cotte.Un altro appunto è per i promo così pieni di merder per poi rivelarsi ingannevoli con pochissimi minuti dedicati a loro,è una strategia degli autori per creare aspettative sempre però disattese.La vera forza di gra è la storia di merder voglio sperare che venga sviluppata in modo intelligente e adeguato,ci siamo rassegnati a non vedere più scene hot tra loro ma vorremmo un pò piu abbracci e tenerezze.E' chiedere troppo?


arizona and callie have always been pathetic characterds who don't potray surgeons in a accurate way


@DG you know to be very very honest I kind of liked the first half of the season. I really thought the season was turning out to be way better than season six till 7.11 ie Disarm I know nothing much happened on the MD front but inspite of that I was happy because I really felt the Cristina PTSD story was written well and told well and PD and SO did a marvelous job all through out that story. So ya while I did want more MD even then but I was kind of happy,because at least the story was relevant and written decently and the actors did a great job telling the story But with this CAM crap okie don't get me wrong I know you are a CA lover and I am not trying to disrespect your feelings here. but I don't know I seriously am unable to gulp that story line in and I really feel Sara and Eric both are delivering their worst acting ever jcAP still delivers well but Sara and Eric are just, I don;t know its like not only is the story crap the writing shity but the actors too are doing it all so superficially and THAT is what is most hurting. The fact that we have to sit through such a crap story line when in its place we could have seen sls with real depth like MD's frustration,Alz trial and their fear etc etc Its not that they don't have good sls they have it. every issue surrounding MD is so huge and all of them deserve good screen time to be told aptly but I just don't get it why they won't let them have the damned screen time. and not just MD what about Alex what about Bailley did we see anything on their front this season apart from lame hit and miss stuff? And Cristina she has been invisible ever since she got back and the best they could come up with for her was this baby train They just need to focus on the bigger picture and first and foremost be done and over with this CAM its really driving people insane even if they have just one scene in the epi it appears they are every where thts how big a show ruinner they are currently And oh by the way I fele this CAM thing is so freaking forced Shonda did this wholely and solely to satisfy her whim of a musical epi nothing more nothing less


@Smriti Shonda and the writers are slowly ruining this show. I completely agree with you regarding MerDer. They have been ignored and sls glazed over the entire season. There is so much great potential drama from them yet Shonda insists on selling the audience this CAM garbage of a modern family sl. I am a fan of both MerDer and Calzona and it pains me to see MerDer's sls not respected (the way the miscarriage was deal with was absolute crap) and addressed correctly. While CAM is given most of the screen time but are written straight into the ground. The characters have been twisted and bent to suit a ridiculous plot. Shonda has lost it in my book.


lamo Ben MerDer r not dull they have so damned many issues right now miscarriage to the struggle of baby making to the possibility of their ship being hit by the Alz storm All of these call for COMPELLING story telling all of these sls have so freaking much of depth and intensity if told correctly Infact I feel they are perhaps the only ones who have such a compelling sl so many diverse and damn important life changing issues If only all of them were explored to its fullest potential. the whole picture of the show would be different.
And if no one is interested in MerDer if they don't bring in money believe me there won't be so much hue and cy for the lack of MerDer People literally are craving and dieing to see more and much more of them The point is Shonda Rhimes is just using and lurring MerDer and MerDer fans to set up stories for beyond season eight. she using the fact that MerDer still are there for setting up other characters and sls coz she knows at least as long as MerDer ARE there people would watch, they might crib, they might hate, they might be frustrated but they wld watch. s ya thats what she is doing nothing else and certainly not that MerDer are boring or blah coz with the issues they have right now a whole season could be made just on them.
its really really a shame they are letting such beautiful SLs slip right form under their fingers


Lol, I'm a scientologist so what of it?..I love the show & I don't need to be warned of it but thank you for your post all the same. :)


I'd like make a few comments below. These comments are about Grey’s Anatomy in general, a few social comments if you like. These comments are not necessarily solely about this episode. Having said this, these comments are written in the light of this episode, and in light of the generally angry response to the trajectory of this program, and this episode in particular. I hope that I have not offended anyone by my last paragraph. I am not apologizing for it, I just hope that you can see that I am making a serious and heartfelt point, disagree with it if you will, I have no qualms that many on this forum will, I just hope that you read it, and understand what I am saying. So here goes. Enjoy: The sole purpose of Grey’s Anatomy is to entertain. This entertainment comes in many forms, but the main is in the form of a distraction. the writers do now and always have wanted us to be lost in this world of slightly dodgy ethics and morals, and feel better about our lives. It feels good to see other people happy. Or sad. Or vulnerable. Or emotional. We all like the distraction of seeing someone else's life opened to us, their thoughts, feelings, views emotions. Most of our lives are either painful or dull, so it is nice to see that other people have it worse off than us. The characters in Greys Anatomy give us this distraction. Were you not distracted from your day whilst watching this week’s episode? We can use Meredith and Derek as an example of this. We all got hooked to this show because of the cliffhanger/ rollercoaster ride that was (dare I say it) MerDer. This gave us great hope for own love lives and respective futures when they were modelled as a ‘perfect’ couple, and we all mourned with them when the relationship was not present or fruitful. It is no surprise to me that now that Derek and Meredith are seemingly 'happy', this journey we went on with them as a shaky couple is over. Now that they are a stable, ‘normal’ couple, their lives have become too normal for the writers. It’s simple. They’re too dull. They’re too dull to make money. They are essentially useless as a storytelling tool now. Much comment could be made about whether stable couples in TV shows are more entertaining than the ones where the members of the relationship take their pants off more than they put them on. But this is for another day. I think this observation about Derek and Meredith stands on its own at the moment. So do you see my point? We’re angry because we’ve lost our entertainment. We’ve lost our distraction. How do we live our lives now that this relationship has plateaued? Naturally, we move onto other relationships to be over-emotionally involved in, whether this be Alex and the blonde new one, lexie and funny mouth or the lesbian ‘love’ triangle. In conclusion, I’d like to make a slightly different point. I’m a Christian. A card carrying, all singing, all dancing Christian. If you want to get a rough idea of the specifics, look up Mark Driscoll, (the one from Seattle). Now, how does this affect my perception of Greys Anatomy? Well, here is the answer. I see my life through the lense of the Bible. This Bible offers true meaning and identity in the life of works Jesus Christ. I find my meaning in Christ? So why am I so often watching these programs? Do I see these fictionalised relationships as more important than my real relationship with Jesus? How about you? If you think you’re a Christian, is watching this program causing you to view romantic relationships in higher esteem than your relationship with Jesus Christ? This entertainment I was talking, this rollercoaster experience we go through with these characters on a weekly 40 minute fix, I think shows much of our hearts. We love to ignore the true relationships of our real lives, whether these relationships be spiritual or romantic, and be fixated not on these relationships, but on the characters and storylines that Greys Anatomy so artistically portray. May this observation be a warning to us all.


I think Lucy will sell to Alex,this is her game... but in the end will come with him, I hope to see a hotttt kisss! I love this game, I think Alex likes to run for a woman, at him not like the girl also available as Lexie and April yes her is a virgin but wanted him immediately
...he is tired of easy relationships...I am in favor of Alex and Lucy! YEAH! sorry for my english


i have one to say- Where the hell is Derek???????? everz episode we get like, what a minute of him?? I want some more of the MerDer love!!!!! please!!!!!


Strangely enough I liked this episode, not all of it but enough bits & pieces for me to like it. I loved Mer in this episode, she was absolutely adorable & so very funny whether with Alex or Cristina or Lexie...& I loved Lexie too, I always liked her & I'll never gonna stop liking her,.. however writers do make a bit of a loose girl out of her, she does like to sleep around a lot, but than again she's young so she should enjoy herself while it lasts,.. not with Avery though I can't stand him, everything about him gives me so much more creeps than even Dr. Stark does. April was hilarious in this episode I enjoyed watching her a lot, Dr.Stark is a bit old for her & let's face it quite creepy too.I mean my husband is 21 years older than me & we have a very good relationship, my grandad was 29 years older than my grandma & they were ok too, however I can't see this Stark-April thing going anywhere at all. Mark was an ass throughout the whole episode again, I'm not gonna even talk about him I'll just say: I hate him, full stop.Arizona please leave these two teenagers & find yourself someone who is grown up! I love Az & I feel for her & I'm proud of her for telling Calls how she feels for a change, yay! Cristina & Owen's argument is really weird, Cris never wanted kids as far as I can remember it, so why Owen is so shocked anyway?.. I mean my hubby & I don't have kids 'coz I don't like them & I don't wanna see them in my life, kids should be born into loving families where both parents expect them & love them & cherish them & Cristina is not one of those people...maybe Owen needs to find someone else then... I loved old serious kick ass Bailey back, thank god she wasn't fooling around with that Eli guy, their relationship is so very ... awkward for me to watch I don't know why...

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

It always feels like there is just one person in this world to love, and then you find somebody else, and it just seems crazy that you were ever worried in the first place.


We are responsible with our patients. The problem is we blow it all out at work. In our own lives, we can't think things through. We don't make the sound choice. We did that all day at the hospital. When it comes to ourselves, we've got nothing left. And is it worth it—being responsible? Because if take your vitamins and pay your taxes and never cut the line, the universe still gives you people to love and then lets them slip through your fingers like water, and what've you got? Vitamins and nothing.


Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 16 Music

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