Grey's Anatomy Review: "Not Responsible"

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This week's Grey's Anatomy, “Not Responsible” focused on the complicated relationships of Seattle Grace. And we mean complicated, even by Grey's Anatomy standards.

After looking at Derek’s plans of the dream house, Meredith admitted to Alex that she was having problem with her eyes, which seemed to get worse throughout the episode. Meredith finally admitted to Derek that she could not see well when he asked her to assist with a surgery.

Lucy told Meredith that she had to discontinue the fertility medication, and the Chief said that Meredith could not even observe surgeries until she recovered. If Meredith is forced to choose between her career and having a baby, which do you think she will choose?

April and Stark

Alex asked Lucy out yet again, and she refused once again. This is becoming a common theme on the show. Will she eventually give in when she so obviously has a crush on Alex?

One of the Alzheimers patients had a young son with a bump on his neck. Because the cyst was dangerous and the child had not been receiving proper medical attention, Dr. Stark asked Arizona to call child protective services.

April tried to help the family and told Dr. Stark that the son was cherished by his parents.

Dr. Stark decided against calling CPS and asked April on a date since she was the first person who was able to change his mind in 10 years. Dr. Stark was a little bit more likable in this episode.  Do you think he will be a good addition to the show in the future?

Could he and April possibly work as a couple?

The saddest sub-plot of the show involved a cystic fibrosis patient who needed a lung transplant. Since the patient’s girlfriend also had cystic fibrosis, they were not supposed to date because it was dangerous for both of them.

The patient explained to Teddy that life without risk was not worth living, and Teddy ordered him to break up with his girlfriend or else she would not allow the transplant to go forward. The couple broke up, and Lexie convinced the girlfriend to leave the hospital, explaining that everyone had more than one true love.

Lexie also admitted to Avery that she missed Mark and actually believed that everyone has one soul mate. Avery told Lexie that he had feelings for her. Were you surprised that they ended up in the shower together? Is this the beginning of a legitimate committed relationship or is it going to be casual? Lexie seems to be confused about what she wants.

Adele and Miranda

Adele was back in the hospital after another accident, and the Chief assigned Bailey to the case. Ultimately, Bailey convinced the Chief to talk to Derek about Adele’s possible early on-set dementia.  Where do you think this story line is going? Does Adele actually have Alzheimers?

Arizona wanted Callie to have an amniocentesis, and Mark did not want Callie to have it because of the risk involved. Arizona and Mark tried to show who is boss in their relationship with Callie throughout the episode. Callie decided to get the amnio, and Mark explained that he really just wants everyone to vote on the decisions affecting the baby.

Arizona admitted to Callie that she is upset that she’s stuck with a lifetime full of Mark. Do you think that Callie, Arizona, and Mark can ever really have a perfect relationship or will Arizona and Mark keep competing with each other? Would Callie cut Mark out of the baby’s life to please Arizona? Would Arizona walk away from Callie?

Cristina mentioned to Owen that she does not want children. He replied that she will probably come around in a couple of years. Owen also became angry with Cristina for refusing to share his life vision. This led Cristina to second guess their marriage. 

Do you think Cristina’s being unfair or should Owen have known what he was getting into when he married her? Do you think that their marriage will last?

The end of the episode was reminiscent of past seasons. Meredith and Cristina were discussing their problems while Mark, Owen, and Derek hit golf balls and talked about their woman issues. How did you feel about the ending?

Here are some of the night's best Grey's Anatomy quotes ...

Mark: I've lost too many babies in my time. Addison terminated. Sloan disappeared. I'm not letting it happen again. I don't care what kind of baby it is. | permalink
Arizona: We have a relationship, Mark. Part of that doesn't include you. | permalink
Alex: Can you even see me?
Meredith: Yeah, and you look like a real moron. I need a real eye doctor. | permalink
Meredith: I'm taking baby drugs to make my uterus less hostile... | permalink
Meredith: Everyone figures doctors are the most responsible people they know. They hold lives in their hands. They're not flakes. They don't lose track of important details or make stunningly bad judgment calls. 'Cause that would be bad, right? | permalink
Mark: Mrs. Webber, I'm about to put a needle in your face. I'd be extremely grateful if you'd stop moving. | permalink
Mark: We're co-parenting us, all of us. This isn't a joke. It's not some cute arrangement where you humor me and use me for babysitting when you want to see a movie. This is my child. We're doing this together. You don't get a bigger vote. I'm a parent! | permalink
Cristina: Nobody parented you. This is to be expected. | permalink
Cristina: I am so grateful you're not trying to knock me up. | permalink
Lexie: He's a good man. I didn't think about it when I walked away. I just got mad, and I walked. | permalink
Avery: You really want to be dating a guy, two women, and a baby? | permalink
Avery: If I had to hear something like that, I'd want to hear it from you. | permalink
Avery: You got to be kidding me with this crap, Lexie. Nobody has just one soul mate. That'd be such a dumb system. | permalink
Lexie: It always feels like there is just one person in this world to love, and then you find somebody else, and it just seems crazy that you were ever worried in the first place. | permalink
Cristina: It was hasty. I was a PTSD wastoid shivering on the coach. Maybe we didn't think this through.
Owen: Stop it. You don't get to pull that crap with me. We got married not because you're a basket case but because we loved each other and we wanted a life together. | permalink
Owen: You have an obligation to at least pretend that you care what the hell I want. | permalink
Arizona: I don't get excited by Mark. I'm not delighted by Mark. | permalink
Arizona: I never picked him, and I don't hate him, but I don't want a life with him. And yet that's somehow what I got. | permalink
Arizona: Ok, can we just be honest about the fact that is some kind of "bi" dream come true? I mean you get the woman that you love and the guy best friend who's also a great lay and then you get a baby. I mean you get it all. Me—this is not my dream. My dream does not look like this. | permalink
April: It's weird, it's weird, it's weird. I mean he's old and mean. He's like the Grinch. | permalink
Meredith: We are responsible with our patients. The problem is we blow it all out at work. In our own lives, we can't think things through. We don't make the sound choice. We did that all day at the hospital. When it comes to ourselves, we've got nothing left. And is it worth it—being responsible? Because if take your vitamins and pay your taxes and never cut the line, the universe still gives you people to love and then lets them slip through your fingers like water, and what've you got? Vitamins and nothing. | permalink


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They're stretching to give people storylines. I think April and Stark is just strange and offputting. Teddy once again had to take a backseat role because of the absence of Henry in this one. Two examples of characters not having anything written for them to further their development. Jackson and Lexie was predictable and I can't say that I'm for or against the pairing. I like their friendship. They always seemed to have had a bond so I thought it was interesting and no telling where this is going. I have a feeling it'll lead to a heartbroken Avery.Instead of focusing on giving him a temporary bed partner I hoped they would give him a story revolving around his unaddressed PTSD or something along those lines. I love the Meredith and Alex friendship in this episode. Owen and Yang were due for some sort of something but I don't know if the baby thing should have been it. I'm a bit tired of the three parent fiasco. I'm sick of Arizona all together. I don't think she and Callie should be together. They can't defy the odds no matter how much they try. I don't think she deserves say in this baby stuff. I don't feel bad for her because she's in this position where for once she's the one that has to compromise. I don't like the fact that she doesn't grasp that Mark is and will be a permanent fixture in Callie's life, baby or no baby. I don't think it's fair to expect Mark, the guy who has lost three kids, to take a backseat so his best friend can work out her relationship for her gf. If this was a case of him proving the sperm so that Callie and Arizona can have the baby I would cut Arizona some slack, but this kid is his kid and no matter what happens it will always be his kid and he deserves to be a part of this kids life because it's his kid. So many guys in the world who'll abandon their own kids and for some crazy reason people expect him to just step back and not be a part of his kids life because they want Calzona to work it out! That's absurd to me!


Okay seriously? If you're not a fan of the way the show is this season, why bother to go online to rant about it? Just don't watch it if you don't care for the characters anymore! Or just calm down because it's just a show (my favorite show ever, but still, just a show!)
I agree that there are quite a few characters and story lines, but I think it makes the show more interesting.
I like that there are the dramatic story lines, like the fight between Owen and Cristina, and Mer's eyesight and frustration over not being able to have a baby, but also funny and refreshing touches like Stark asking out April, which was completely unexpected and hilarious, and Bailey fooling around with the hot young nurse.
Am I the only one who wants Jackson and April to get together? The way he is so protective of her is sweet, and Lexie and Mark belong together anyways.


Wow. You all need to calm down. It's fiction.


@jo_1 Decreasing quality, simple as that. It's still a good show, but it's got nowhere near the quality of writing that it had back in the first three seasons. It's simply a good show instead of a great one, and the ratings have started to reflect that. Not to mention that ratings are dropping for most shows as people turn to watching things online and on demand.


someone explain why the ratings have gone down from 25 million viewers in season 3 to only 9 million viewers this episode. might be due to the fact that season 3 focused on meredith and the interns/residents and their lives. nowadays there are so many characters i don't give a rats ass about some of them (i.e. teddy, april, arizona).


@Smriti I love the way you express, is everything I think too!


I agree with smriti. This show was great until the shooting and then it went downhill after that. The main characters that I liked and the storyline got silly, especially Christina. The warmth and caring attitudes they used to have disappeared. They are not special anymore. I have stopped watching the show. It's too bad, I really used to like it until this season.


Agree with everyone who is screaming KILL OFF half the cast I seriously don't give a rat's ass about so many many people in the show and the people I care about I don't get to see them AT ALL I mean this is like a routine now every week some or the other IMPORTANT CORE character would be left out and would have no story nothing going on what so ever on his or her front. Tell me how many Grey's epis from first four five seasons do you remember where there wasn't anything going with every and I mean it EVERY freaking member? Hardly any right? And now its like a routine, PD SO have had very less screen time since Cristina's return, I get it they were the major players in the earlier half with Cris's PTSD but hell that doesn't mean you give them what one to two minutes screen time now. Bailey is hardly HARDLY seen and Chief is being seen only NOW. in last night's epi even Alex wasn't there. its just wrong and unfair on so many levels. No matter how hard you try to throw these new characters down my throat i am not going to drink them in coz I DON'T CARE about them, I care about Mer Der Alex Cris Chief Bailley and I used to care about Callie and Mark but NOW at this point i don't give a crap if they just jump ship and vanish completely VANISH.
You keep showing these wasted characters and its obvious you are trying your ass off to set the show up beyond season eight but its not going to work coz you know what one minute just one minute with the originals on screen and people are like Awwww this THIS is Grey's THIS is what we want, just that one minute with them is a reminder how big a misfit all these lame useless characters are.
Oh Gary Clark please come back and take all of these wasted pieces with you and relieve me from the torture seriously.
And please don't you pounce on me saying stop watching if you are disliking it so much blah coz I won't stop watching as long as the people I LOVE are part of it and I won't stop whining either because I am unhappy and heart broken with the way this show is just slipping I mean the ratings touched series low with a frekaing nine million. NINE MILLION? Thats NOT GA. Its depressing and the point is all that Shonda needs to do is focus on people everyone cares about THATS IT that is all thats needed to revitalize But alas I don't see it happening. this show again. But alas I don't see it happening.


I have to say... I heard it was coming, and I didn't think I'd be a fan of the Lexie/Jackson thing. But, after seeing that shower scene, it's like, "Mark who?" I loved it- they have such chemistry, he was really listening to what she said during the entire episode, and they giggle together, which is good. I'd like to see them try at a relationship.


I know a career-oriented woman like Cristina can't change her mind easily, I think SR will let Cristina have a baby before Mer, b/c Sandra's too good at playing the complex & angst character,the position of chief resident's not fit to her, the plot of Attending & Cardio god will be waiting for long. she's married, can't sleep around. re-cycling ex-ep, get sick(like Liz)? get the trail( like Mer )? who can tell me what the interesting story GA writer can write for her in s8? to me, as a fan, I really don't care Cri should or Not have a family, just looking forward to see her success by the way, Owen's kissing & saying to Cristina in ep16, it's flawless, I'll ask my husband to watch this with me again, good work, GA writers

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

It always feels like there is just one person in this world to love, and then you find somebody else, and it just seems crazy that you were ever worried in the first place.


We are responsible with our patients. The problem is we blow it all out at work. In our own lives, we can't think things through. We don't make the sound choice. We did that all day at the hospital. When it comes to ourselves, we've got nothing left. And is it worth it—being responsible? Because if take your vitamins and pay your taxes and never cut the line, the universe still gives you people to love and then lets them slip through your fingers like water, and what've you got? Vitamins and nothing.


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