Hellcats Review: Welcome Home, Dan Patch!

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Fancy Dan” marked the return of Dan Patch, another breakup, and a few reunions. Let’s dig in.

Dan returned home for his brother’s wedding, bringing along a bird-loving girlfriend and some awkwardness with the girls in his life. Marti pulled a selfless act by backing out of the competition for Dan, reverting back to the BFF position.

It was hard to tell if she realized they really are better as friends or if she is that good of a friend. I've preferred Dan with Savannah and couldn’t have been more pleased with this outcome. Besides, Marti doesn’t need Dan. Did you see how gorgeous she looked in that dress?!? She should have no trouble finding someone else.

Savannah vs. Dan

This is awkward...

Surprisingly, the most shocking turn of events centered around some of the adult characters. During the hour, we learned Derrick’s Army Reserve unit had been called up, while also discovering Vanessa’s feelings about Red.

Derrick may possibly be the most mature person ever. He just accepted the situation and left. Kudos to him for being such a responsible adult, I know I would have never been able to react that way. This seems to be the end of the run for D.B. Woodside. Can’t really say I will miss him all that much.

With Derrick out of the way, it seems obvious where Vanessa will be heading next. The Red/Vanessa (Ranessa?) relationship is something I can get on board with. What do you think? Is there finally going to be room for these two to try again as a couple?

Some other thoughts:

  • It’s only a matter of time until Wanda and Travis hook up, right? They are living together now!
  • I hope that Jake doesn’t pop up every week with Alice visiting him in jail. I am over the storyline and am over him. Time to move on.
  • Now that the case is over, have we seen the last of Julian and Morgan? 
  • Aly Michalka rocked her rendition of “Wild Horses.” (Visit our Hellcats music section now!)

What did you think of “Fancy Dan?” Are you glad to see Dan Patch home and reunited with Savannah? Interested to see what will happen with Vanessa and Red?


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Red an V-make the only beleivable relationship on the show-They alone will carry it into the new season!!


I totally agree with kitty! the fact that he left again when things went rough between marti and him! But he isssss soooooooo hot ! i think tht marti should of jumped on the opportunity to be with dan when he felt tht he was ready for a relationship with her. but savannah i think tht she would look so cute with tht one fire fighter that came on the show! but i was really hopin tht when dan came back tht marti and him went back out they seem more perfect for eachother! they have alot in common and they can connect more and they no everything it is about eachother.. but the concern is .. is dan gonna leave everytime something goes bad? idk maybe thts just me ahah :)


Marti still has feelings for Dan, she's trying to talk herself out of it because she doesn't want to complicate things between her and Savannah. Simply because she is confused, that even if she does decide to go with Dan, things might fade away and Savannah would be hurt either way. As for Savannah, she is not wrong for still having feelings for Dan and for wanting a relationship with him. I didn't even know she and Dan spent so much time together, regarding the photos Savannah literally memorized of Dan's family. It is her compassion that makes her the forgiving person she is, so she could forgive Dan if he shows true feelings of hurt, and was willing to admit to his mistakes. I am going to be honest here, I am not in favor of Savannah and Dan, although they came off okay in the beginning, they don't come off as the "serious" type. Dan's father was reaching when he called Marti a "bad fit", almost as though Dan didn't act just as compassionate when he was around Marti. All the facts he placed against Marti only showed how little he knew her. Marti called Dan out for a lot of things and that friendship they have could transform into and intimate relationship where they would always have each others backs. Marti sang that final song "White Horses" beautifully. I think she was saddened, she did an honorable thing, but it may have broken her heart to do it, especially since she's the only person that Dan officially listened to, besides the judgment of his father, he might have considered being with Marti had she just said something. As for the Alice and Vanessa, the dance routine was well done in the beginning, and I would actually like a follow up on Jake. I hope Vanessa doesn't immediately dive for Raymond because she is single, but Derek could have been given a different exit, the writers made us fall out of love with their relationship, he didn't really have a chance. Aly needs to sing some more, I look forward to her music.


I don't like Savannah with Dan.
Actually, I just don't like Dan very much right now. He was cute in the beginning, but after the way he handled things I don't get why the girls were all over them this week.
Marti should be pissed that he left her for the second time when things got complicated and just let her deal with the fallout from their hook-up all by herself. She had a rough couple of weeks and he just didn't care and took the easy way out. Such a coward!!!
Same with Savannah. He left her, cheated with Marti and now he is not even back together with her because he really loves her, but because his father thinks Savannah is a better fit and a more comfortable choice.
It is obvious that Dan still has feelings for Marti, so I guess we have not seen the last of this triangle.
Savannah deserves MUCH better!!!
And Marti as well. However, I liked that she put her friendship first this time and backed out of the "competition". Even though she wasn't even sure about her feelings for Dan yet, but it was still a nice move.


@alex: Yeah, I also see something btw Marti and her law teacher! Maybe also with her class buddy (I can't recall his name)...But I'm sure something will happen between marti and one(both^^) of them at one point.
anyway, I don't really like Marti, I don't really know why...and the fact that Savannah and Dan are back together doesn't please me 'cause I'm sure it will once again end bad for Savannah at some point since Dan & Marti obviously still have feeling. I would have rather prefer that Savannah date that cute firemen. I hope we'll see him again! I'm not sure her relation with Dan will last


I like Dan and Savannah together; from the very beginning of the show, I got more of a Haley/Lucas (One Tree Hill) friendship vibe from Dan and Marti.


Dan and Marti are so much sexier.
There's perceptible sexual tension there.
Nothing with Savannah.


I liked this episode mostly because savannah and dan got back together...they balance each other out so much better than dan and marti..savannah and dan have the making to be a great couple..plus marti and her law professor have a relationship that they need to explore!!


No Alex you are definitely not alone! I think they would be soo hot together. Plus it would make a great storyline.


I love that Dan came back I miss him so much. I don't know how I feel about savanna,Dan and marti I still have not made up my mind about who should end up together. But great episode can't wait for the next one

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