Hellcats Review: "God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away"

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Let me start by asking: I can't be alone in wishing Lewis would a toga in every episode, right?

On “God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away,” Hellcats combined an important legal case with an awesome, arms-baring, keg-drinking party.

Marti on a Mission

By the end of the hour, the drama with Travis and Jake came to a close. Throughout the season, we have seen this story build, but I expected a little more to its conclusion. It was slightly far-fetched, with Jake having all these amenities in his cell and Bill Marsh resigning without a fight, but it was time for this drama to come to an end. On to the next one.

Elsewhere, we were treated to another stellar performance from Heather Hemmens (Alice). At first glance, this character comes off as pretty one dimensional. Fortunately, the writers have done an excellent job adding layers to Alice and making her someone for whom you want to root.

The freshman series is much like the character of Alice in that way. Many were skeptical about the combination of cheerleading and law. Over the course of the past few months, though, the writers have found a way to add depth and intertwine these worlds in an interesting manner.

Now that the major arc has completed, there's room for the secondary characters stories to play out. There's pregnant Charlotte; the ever-growing chemistry between Red and Vanessa; and Nationals ahead of us. Here's hoping that the second half of the season will please just as much as the first.

“God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away” closed the chapter on the first big drama for Hellcats. What did you think of it? Are you glad that this story is over or were you hoping for more? Does this mean no more Julian or Travis? Sound off now!


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my satisfaction when they got marsh to resign was second to none, i was not expecting that, and am glad to see that vile character go, as much as every show needs a baddy, he did not have in the slightest one redeemable trait! thought more could have been done about travis' exit though, it was a huge part and they just blurred it with other scenes.


i hope keith the super hot fireman reappears :D


Jesse Hutch--- is the HOT hot HOT firefighter!!


er okay..and i love the alice & savannah and alice & darwyn friendships. i love alice in general haha


really tvf? you just cut off my post D:
*alice and jake are lovely together


this episode was so good! made me cry a few times.
alice & jake are lovely together


Savannah's fireman :D


Actually the most unbelievable point of this episode was when Savannah turned down Keith the Fireman because 'she was in love with a guy who left down without telling her'. I get that she's upset, but that line made me cringe. I think she know's Dan doesn't feel that way about her, and they were just setting it up for the cat fight between her and Marti when he comes back next week. She should just step aside and let Marti finally take her claim. There's other southern men Savannah!


I don't think we've seen the end of Julian or Morgan for that matter - especially seeing how they've been setting up a little thing between Marti and her law professor. I hope they stick around because Mr. Parish is a great character. Obviously, Dan and Marti together is endgame. Or it should be!


i'm So Glad this Arc ar Over For Me everything was Perfect i Love it, i Can't Wait To The Other Weeks To See Dan Again Yay

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