Inside Glee's Original Songs: Listen, Learn Now!

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What can you do when your good isn't good/And all that you touch tumbles down/'Cause my best intentions/Keep making a mess of things/Just wanna fix it somehow/But how many times will it take/Oh, how many times will it take... for me to get it right?

It's no "My Headband," but these are lyrics from "Get It Right," one of the original songs Glee will debut at Regionals.

It will be sung by Rachel, and music producer Adam Anders explained to TV Guide from where the inspiration for the song came:

"I've watched Rachel struggle. She's always trying to do the right thing, or thinks she's trying to do the right thing... and it always gets messed up. 'Get It Right' is her asking when things are going to work out. It's really emotional."

The second original song set to debut on an upcoming episode is titled "Loser Like Me."

Anders describes is as an "anthem" for New Directions: "It's celebrating everyone's differences and saying, 'Look you can say whatever you want about me, but at the end of the day, you're going to want to be a loser like me,'" he continues. "It makes being a loser a cool thing. It flips it on its head.... I kind of saw everyone putting their Ls in the air."

Listen to it now and sound off in our Glee forum: What do you think?

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agree fully....i was listening to it and was like wth? the first one...i love when lea does heartfelt songs e.i. Papa can you hear me, don't cry for me argentina (i know its a duo but i love her version better)
second one...dear lord... they seem like episodes from the regular everyday singing in the classroom instead of regionals songs...well actually the second one is just kind of ridiculous in a tv music special kind of way and i don't think its glee...but i can TOTALLY see rachel with her "rachel smile" cheesing it to that song...

Reese williams

i doubt this is enough to win Reigonals. but they do i guess, if they end up hitting Nationals :\ their 3rd song should fefinetly be Your The Voice - John Farnham.... talk about anthems! haha


I'm not going to listen to either. I let too much get spoiled early, for once I'm going to exercise some self control.


are they really going to pretend this is enough to win nationals? I was excited about the idea of original songs, but mi advice for the music producers is to stick to covers, or learn how to make some catchy entertaining music from, and it pains me A LOT to say this, Britannia High or High School Musical.


Lea turns that song into something totally amazing.


Haha, my first thought exactely. It sound a lot like a typical Disney song :/ I liked the first one though. Nothing special, but Lea/Rachel singing it make it work!


Love both. expecially rachels song i can totally relate


the first song is definetly something that rachel would sing so no problem with that, but what the @#$& is the second one? I know it's Glee and I should't expect a Bon Jovi song, but it sounds as if they wrote a Hanah Montana song... disapointed by that.

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