Katie Cassidy to Return to Gossip Girl?

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Katie Cassidy's Juliet Sharp played a crucial role in the first half of Gossip Girl's fourth season, but left town after coming clean to Serena in the mid-season finale, "The Townie."

While Juliet's brother Ben (David Call), the reason behind Juliet's machinations, is now getting a major story arc of his own, will Ms. Cassidy grace the Gossip Girl set again yet?

Executive producer Stephanie Savage tells EW that she “definitely left the door open for her to come back at some point.” Interesting ... is that something you'd like to see?

Juliet is Still There

Moreover, rumor has it that "Juliet isn’t the only familiar face who could be popping up soon." What do you make of that? Who else is returning in the near future? Discuss below.

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Few ideas for season 5: Chuck and Georgina planning to destroy Dan-Blair couple. Juliet and Serena fighting to have Nate. Damian dating Charlie to hide his homosexual relationship with the brother.


Juliet, Georgina, Carter, and Scott must return! I also feel like they should keep Raina. She is quite possibly one of the best characters to come on GG in forevs. I love how she is wealthy but still down to earth. Vanessa and Nate should be given better storylines. Ben must never come back, and the only reason to bring back that weirdo Jenny is to kill her off.


Would be awesome if Juliet came back, since the show has come back its been shocking, Juliet made it interesting. Jenny to come back maybe? Or even Nate might make a comeback in a storyline he's said what three words since the new year?


Juliet has to come back! She kept things 'interesting'. But Ben REALLY needs to go. As for Georgina, she was the whackiest crazy bith, second only to Blair ofcorse. i want her back too!


I think juliet has to come back I like he character a lot and she can stir things up between serena and ben. Also I think jack will come back 'cause, think about it, when Chuk was in Paris it could have been Jack that payed those theieves to kill Chuk or make him disapare and the dead man in the Sane with Chuk's ID could have easyly pass by Chuk and I think Eva could have worked with Jack to keep Chuk to Paris untill Jack would have become the OC of Bass Ind.. But now that Thorpe wants to distroy Bass Ind. Jack will come back to help Chuk, or he could be working with Thorpe. I think the prince of Monaco will come to New York to stir thigs up with Chuk & Blair, just when things were getting good for them and Chuk will be jelous and blah blah blah.Then Jenny will be back to help Eric with Damien, 'cause he's in deep s***. Georgina may also come back to get back with Dan and when she comes she will find her worst nightmare Blair and Dan friends, she will try to make them fight and so on.


Juliet!! i love KAtie Cassidy she needs to be on GG!!


Juliet returning wouldn't be so bad, it would be an interesting spin on the show. But absolutely no Georgina. She's nothing but bad news and she's a pointless character in my opinion.


Would love a jack bass return to save bass industries :) would love him and blair to work together to save chuck.


Georgina sparks must come back!! She was the first antagonist best actress and crazy funny bitch ! She is evil bitch but she has good side too.. Georgina PLOT STORY LINE RETURN MUST BE sergei Russian business man join schemed with russell !! And georgina help jack and Chuck !! Juliet sharp return and become nate love !!! Georgina and juliet must be regular cast replacing vanessa (incerdible useless cast and boring cast) and jenny (because she's left) !! Sick of gossip girl reccuring !!!!


Yeahhh bring juliet sharp back to gossip girl ! And bring Georgina Back also!!! Georgina story line the first is awesome from the bitch evil turn to good evil. And juliet sharp,she needs to try and taste blair waldorf take her down first! Coz last scene she just left very freely. Juliet sharp brings the GG sho rate UP! And Georgina was too!! Please bring georgina meet juliet , and scheme juliet!! Like georgina met poppy lifton and try to take the evil down!! Poppy lifton must come back too!! She may help russell and georgina may help chuck. And juliet may help russel too and destroy UES kids.. ;). Please Georgina and juliet will be awesome!!! The show will be amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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