Off the Map Review: "Es Un Milagro"

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Miracles happen, but “Es Un Milagro” showed us there are no guarantees.

The chopper carrying several patients crashed in the jungle. When the doctors arrived at the scene I was shocked that no one was already dead. That was the first miracle.

I loved Ryan’s conversation with God as she searched the jungle for the lost girl.

She chastised him for his twisted sense of humor. Keaton had finally chosen her just as her body decided to give in to heart failure. Timing is everything.

I was so happy she told Ben about her condition.

Es Un Milagro Shot

She could have hidden it for weeks but that would have made for a dull, cliched story. Instead we’ll get to see how she and Keaton move forward together.

Otis has turned out to be one of my favorite characters. The show left us guessing throughout the episode about whether he had taken the heroin.

Thankfully he hadn’t and he turned it over to Keaton. It had been in his pocket all day, taunting him. Otis won this round and it was a difficult battle.

Then he managed to be their for Mina when she fell apart.

We had very few of Mina’s wise cracks this week and I missed them but they would have been out of place in this story. Lynn’s death was tragic yet Mina blamed herself. 

Otis could see the effect it had on her. I enjoyed Otis and Mina’s scenes together. They’re two damaged souls who have found a unique friendship.

The moment Tommy sent Charlie away I assumed he had some horrible home life. Although Keaton confirmed that Charlie’s an orphan, this story had a great twist.

Charlie wasn’t living in the hostel as Keaton believed. He’s housesitting for tourists who own timeshares. I think Tommy’s going to be crashing at Charlie’s from now on. Hopefully he’ll remember to use a coaster next time.

Lily had the least interesting story this week, until the end.

She continued to waffle about whether she should push ahead for a second date with bad boy Mateo. Did the makeout session under the waterfall really count as a first date?

When she surprised Mateo at his home it was instantly clear that he was hiding something. I kept expecting a wife and five children to come out the door. That scenario would have been simpler than the truth. Mateo farms the cocoa plant, for cocaine. 

Lily’s new love interest was more of a bad boy than she thought. You’d think such a smart woman would know that a wanted criminal with a bullet wound meant trouble.

Maybe she knows now.


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Sue, the actress who played Lynn is Jayne Brook. You may have seen her in previous roles on Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy.


Otis probably is the most interesting character for me at the moment. I just love him and his very interesting relationship with Mina. They're two unlikely, extremely screwed up souls, that somehow manage to gravitate towards one another in the weirdest of ways.


Second best comedy on TV, after Private Practice. What drivel. My wife watches this dreck, so I'm stuck. But it has more laughs than Mr. Sunshine with its inane plot twists. And I liked the exploding helicopter that sent shock waves and debris in every direction except where the people were. Adventures in TV physics. I loved the comment above from someone who likes the show but hates the writing and sets. That's like saying it was a great baseball game, except for the hitting, pitching and fielding...I guess the hot dogs were spectacular. (As for Private Practice, notice how nobody locks any doors. Seems like half the story lines require someone finding something shocking behind a door that, in real life, would have been locked. Lazy writers.)


I like this show. However, the writing needs to improve desperately. The usage of the Spanish language is incorrect. The scenery is all wrong if you really wanna believe in the jungle.. How many beaches are in South America in the middle of jungle, you have lava formations on the cliffs, but your in the middle of the jungle and you have time shares for great apartments in the jungle. The writers shouldn't assume that people are stupid and wouldn't figure this out - you are in Hawaii. Please try to make it at least a little realistic.


Who is the actress who played Lynn?


Ryan,Otis and Mina were my heroes this week. Ryan blew me away, she was fantastic! The scene with her and Ben, when Ryan said "i love you, too" at the end was truly heartbreaking. I absolutely love the way friendship between Otis and Mina evolves with each new episode, so genuine and so moving. Mina was brilliant throughout the whole episode. I think Lynn's death has had such a huge impact on her not only because it reminded her of Eric's death but because she really liked Lynn. I felt they genuinely liked and understood each other and Lynn trusted her unquestionably. So Mina felt like she had let her down. Luckily, Otis was there for her. To comfort and to support. Way to go, guys.
All I can say after this eppy is --- MORE, MORE, MORE! Can't wait for ep 08!


Trisha that is what i am think too!


I am thinking that since Ryan will need a heart transplant, Keaton's wife will be a donor match for her


This was a good episode! It made me cry!

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I'm glad you didn't blow up.


Yeah, he's smooth, he's hot. He's also a wanted criminal. It makes something as simple as organizing a second date so complicated.