Parenthood Episode Trailer: What is Asperger's?

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If you think this week's episode of Parenthood was a tearjerker, you may need to purchase an extra box of Kleenex for "Qualities and Difficulties."

Next Tuesday night, Kristina and Adam will sit Max down and attempt to explain his disease to him. As you might expect, and as the preview below depicts, the kid has many questions. Also on tap:

  • Sarah's relationship with Mark Cyr gets going again.
  • Crosby attempts to make amends with Jasmine.
  • Julia and Joel prepare their eighth anniversary. 

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quite offended that aspergers has been referred to as a disease


I absolutely love is my favorite show! I'm always glued to the tv and they tackle such important subjects on this show! Love the entire cast!!!!


I have a brief comment. Autism is not a disease. It is a syndrome. It may seem like semantics but as long as people label it a disease those with it will never be given a break.


Sarah, your comment was heartbreaking. I wrote a very long response, then deleted it. Let me be concise. It is obvious by your comment that you have endured no great suffering, and for that, I pray you are thankful. I was forced to stand at my daughter's grave and say goodbye, so storylines like this affect me differently. I applaud Parenthood for tackling an uncomfortable issue with the reality and grace that they have. Out of respect for the many parents of children with diseases or disabilities, I pray you, too, learn some of the same grace.


Dearest Sarah, The whole point of Max's scenes are to convey how exhausting Autism is. Not only is it exhausting to be around, it's exhausting to have. Trust me on this one. Your wish for Max, BTW, used to be exactly what we did as a nation - we sent our exhausting and disterbing disabled people away to "boarding school" (read state institutions) so we could collectively focus on the 'real people on the show'. Perhaps you could take Max's short scenes as an opportunity to build empathy and sit with and through them in future.


Love this show. Although sorry to say when Max is on I flip the channel. I find his scenes too exhausting to watch. Send him to boarding school and get on with the rest of the cast...please.

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