Parenthood Review: "Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist"

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We were all a little (a lot) miffed at Crosby for sleeping with Gaby, even though she's a lovely girl who is great with Max. However, Crosby is spoken for and while things are rough Jasmine, that doesn't give him a pass to sleep with Gaby.

Crosby's actions had a much greater impact on his family than he realized, and Adam's reaction startled me a bit. He was disappointed in his younger brother, unable to control the hurt he felt over how selfish Crosby was being.

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During a heated confrontation in "Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist," Adam blurted out, "Get it through your thick skull! Your nephew has Asperger's!"

Max came down right then and asked, "I have Asperger's? What is Asperger's?" Next week's episode should be interesting: Adam and Kristina explain to Max what exactly Asperger's is.  

Thanks a ton, Crosby. Hope that ONS was worth it!

"I'm sorry I'm not perfect like you! It must be so frustrating!" Crosby yelled to Adam on the basketball court. Grow up, Crosby. Take accountability for what you did.

Max's aide had to quit because she was developing feelings for you which made things awkward for everyone. Don't show up at her place, demanding she undo it.

And who can forget the look on Kristina's face when Gaby came clean about Crosby? 

I thought Alex's constance presence at the Braverman house was going to send Adam over the edge. The writers totally blind-sided me with the Crosby scenario. Alex who?

Amber and Drew have a sibling dynamic that I envy.

It's just them and Sarah, but with Seth temporarily back in the picture, this leaves Amber and Drew on opposing sides. Drew's ready to welcome Seth back into his life, while Amber has her walls up (and rightfully so).

I was touched by Amber's cathartic "F--- You" session after Seth insisted she join him and Drew at Alcatraz. Drew and Sarah told Amber not to be rude, to which Amber retorted, "You know what I think is rude? I think it's rude to leave your family."

I think the speech was delivered perfectly and without an ounce of immaturity.

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And did you hear the news about Sydney?  "I'm a vegetarian," she declared at the dinner table. The kid has crappy timing, given that before her sat a delightful piece of chicken.

"You're not a vegetarian because you love chicken," Julia explained. "I don't love it anymore." Good luck with that one, Julia. A chip off the old block. And did Joel take Sydney for a haircut? Next time, Julia should go with instead.

Camille and Zeek arrived at Julia's house, ready to babysit the newly-minted veggie. Camille made a lasagna especially for Sydney, who turned her nose up at the mere sight of the casserole dish. Not one to let his wife's lasagna go to waste, Zeek asked Sydney, "You're gonna have some lasagna, aren't ya?" 

Nay, grandpa. "Uhh, not if it has meat it in." Stick to your guns, Sydney. And when Grandpa tells you he ate dog in Vietnam, resist the urge to gag. 

Ten points for Seth's Captain Hook facial decor.

Jasmine's reaction to Crosby's news was what I expected.  She's a strong woman and she'll never let him back in. "You don't deserve anything good in your life!" She screamed on the houseboat. "Nothing!  I"ll never forgive you for this!"

That was... an intimate moment between Camille and Zeek. 

I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a fan of Amber and Drew's relationship. It's solid and chock full o' mutual respect.

What did you think of last night's Parenthood? Discuss!


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I have watched this show from the beginning I I think it is a really great show that portrays true feelings and emotions quite well. Yes it is fake but so much stuff that happens in the show happens everyday in real life so it's a good show to relate real life situations with and as the title suggest that it's a great show for others who are parents or want to be parents one day and show's what some of the do's and don'ts are. Anyways I just wanted to praise the show for being amazing and a true but entertaining drama. Ok time to get to my thoughts on this episode and along with past few episodes. When it comes to Drew and Seth, I think it's great that Seth wants to try to connect with his son. Yes, it doesn't excuse his actions, but at least he is trying to do something about it which is more than some dads that take off and never look back. Amber was right, but it was really harsh the way she came off to him when all he was trying to do was connect with her some as well. We all are human and we all make mistakes big and small and I strongly believe is someone makes a mistake and is really and truthfully willing to try and fix it then they deserve a second chance at least. As for the whole Crosby situation. I agree cheating is wrong and is inexcusable, but I don't see what he did as cheating. When any girl tells a guy they need time apart or a break then it might as well be a break up, because the exact same thing happened to me a few years back. The excuse was she had to be sure I was what she really wanted and she needed a break to figure things out. What happened next you wonder. Well two weeks later she already has a new boyfriend and gave him her virginity two days after they were official. Now tell me how in the world is that cheating when we were on a break? Yes, it hurt my heart like hell, but I never saw what she did as cheating. Truth is I got dumped for no real reason. That's what that whole scene between jasmine and crosby reminded me of. It insinuated that jasmine didn't or wasn't sure crosby was right for her and crosby said he was sorry and tried to talk and work things out and she wouldn't listen. I see no reason for anyone to be mad at him for what he did. Him and Gabby make more sense and understand each other anyways and they both seem to be fair to each other where jasmine was really controlling crosby and everything had to go her way or no way and that's not fair for any guy or girl to put up with each other. A couple should work together and talk and be understanding and listen to each other. It's not one makes all rules and other follows like a dog. So after the way she treated him and hurt him then crosby did nothing wrong cause technically even though they didn't say it but it was insinuated that she dumped or was dumping him right there. As far as the rest of the episode goes well I agree with what was going on and that sydney should have eaten her food and not have all the power over her parents or she will grow up being spoiled and more than likely a brat who thinks she can always get her way. There is a time where you have to put your foot down and Zeke was right. I also can see why Adam is getting irritated that Alexis (even though he is a great young man and I am glad he is with Hattie) is over there all the time sometimes a person just wants to go home to there family every once in while and have some me time. Nothing wrong with that at all. Lastly I will say I can't wait to see what happens in next episode which I am sure it will be an emotional one with Max finding out the truth about him. All in all a great show and one I hope will stay around because to be honest NBC is ticking me off canceling a show in midseason or with a few episodes to go because of a few low ratings. It's not fair to the people who do become fans. If a show is doing badly then something should be done to wrap the show up and end it after one season, but not just quit it in the middle leaving stories untold.


What happened to Amber's hair - from start to later on ? I missed the first 15mins as it was the Chicago elections overlay... but just watched the episode online... and no haircut... Really like this show - and you all probably know that one of the creators has a 12yr old son that basically is Max - and that's how that story line was created. My wife is a special ed teacher - with these kids - so it's all very familiar...


Loved it. Amber's diatribe to her father was probably the highlight of the night. I love the relationship she has with her brother and that they never actually stay distant with one another. Best speech of the night. It must have been hard watching others tiptoe around this guy's feelings w/o stating the obvious...he abandoned his family! Crosby is one of my favorite characters. Jasmine is a control freak who has had no faith in him from the very beginning. She's constantly waiting for him to do something so that she can throw it up in his face and this time he did. I don't advocate cheating but I get why the guy did it and honestly, I don't hate him for it. I wish the rest of his family would just get off his back. They constantly want to make him out to be this irresponsible loser despite him proving time and time again that he's anything but. He can't win for losing, this guy. Adam disappointed me. His outburst bordering on verbal abuse with Crosby. His macho sense of having his masculinity challenged by Alex being in the house...his childish rant leading to exposing his kid's issues. He was as insufferable as Kristina usually is in this episode.


Loved Amber vs Drew and Amber's speech/tirade. Mae's a great actress. Jasmine, Crosby and Gabby is just a typical sitcom plot. I doubt that Jasmine and Jabbar will be written out so Crosby and Jasmine will probably make up. Jasmine and Crosby will both change to get along with each other. I don't think Crosby should marry anyone though I think he might be happier dating Gabby.


I love Amber! I can't wait to see what's next with her! Mae is such a talented actress! I almost cried during her speech. I know that what Crosby did was wrong and I like him with Jasmine (she's awesome) but am I the only one who loves Minka Kelly and thought her and Dax have great chemistry? This show is SO realistic! I love it!


I really enjoy this show. I love how they are dealing with autism. This show has made me cry many times because it hits so close to home. I can not wait for nect weeks episode when they tell Max what autism is. I often wonder how I will tell my own son, he is 7 and I am sure the moment I have to tell him he has High Functioning Autism will be here sooner than I want it to. I will be watching with ny box of tissues!


I agree; Crosby should never had betrayed Jasmine, NEVER. It was totally wrong to do, and worse that he did it with his nephew's therapist! Your line "She's a strong woman and she'll never let him back in" shouldn't be put down like that because you're a stronger woman if you indeed do forgive your man and let him back in. That takes a lot more guts and more feelings and hurt to get over with. Please don't forget that. Besides, it's Asperger's with a 'p', not Asberger's with a 'b'.


Crosby, get your brain out of your penis, be a man and be faithful. Oops! Too late , you blew it. Kick him to the curb, Jasmine. Your a strong woman and you deserve a strong man.


Maybe I am getting old, but I think Bonnie Bedilia is very pretty and I thought that her "personal time" with Zeke was right on.


Jasmine is too much of a control freak for Crosby - he should dump her and be on his way! And his "perfect" family needs to build a bridge and get over it!

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