Pretty Little Liars Clip: A Date with Caleb?

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Hanna owes Caleb a favor. For what reason? Read our latest Pretty Little Liars review and find out now.

Look for this shady character to try and cash in on Monday's new episode of the ABC Family drama, titled "Je Suis Une Amie." The following clip will give you an idea of how.

Elsewhere during the episode, the girls will attend a high school swim meet, which means more tension between Paige and Emily. We can hardly wait.

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caleb is really cute and he is sometimes funny but cute at the same time well you gots to date him girl like that


pretty blonde and an outsider. :D it's a cliche, but works like a charm. it's like i suffer from bad boy/outsider syndrome. lol


since lucas isnt going to happen t least caleb is more interesting than sean


Hated Hanna+Sean
Liked Hanna+Lucas
LOVE LOVE LOVE Hanna+Caleb :)


I was rooting for Hanna and Lucas but I'll take Caleb. He's cute and there is definitely a chemistry there. Can't wait.

Jennmo13 gg 3

yes!!! haha i think he sooo cute


this is what i've been waiting for :))

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Aria: I spent a whole day running on a hamster wheel for you.
Hanna: Well I faced her, for all of us!

He's been going through girls in this school like they're Kleenex.

Aria (on Noel)