Pretty Little Liars Interview: Keegan Allen Speaks on Toby's Future

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I definitely see a positive turn of events for him towards the finale. 

So Keegan Allen told us during a conference call last week, as the Pretty Little Liars star spoke on Toby and the developments ahead for this character. How close will he grow to Spencer? How will Jenna react? Read on for excerpts of Allen's interview...

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On Jenna: Jenna is a very jealous, jealous character. Toby and Jenna have that step-sibling crazy, weird romance thing going on where he’s been abused and bashed by her in the past. I think the jealousy will rise from Jenna in a different way than when it affected him with Emily. Now, it’s like another problem for Jenna to deal with, more people trying to pull Toby away.

On Jenna and Toby: It was brought to everybody’s attention during before the mid-season finale that Jenna was abusive towards Toby... it’ll eventually come to that; there’ll be new things that come up that will explain it better. There’s not really that far to go with it. It’s been brought up and it’s been shown and we’ll see where it goes. Jenna is definitely a creeper and she does not want him to leave her; it’s like her safety blanket.

On Toby and Spencer: She’s dealing with a whole bunch of issues herself and he knows where that comes from; he comes from that same place. It’s like she starts to maybe find a safe place to land with Toby in a way where we might not have expected. He might open up just a little bit more to her because the trust factor, he needs someone to trust; he has nobody to trust. Spencer is very wise and intelligent; it’s a great place for both of them to be. There is definitely the chemistry and we’ll see where it takes us.

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toby is soo cute!!!!! and the best pretty little liar for him is spencer so im happy dat their together!!!!!!


1x19 was awesome.


Doesn't Toby kill himself in the book series?? I guess they have to sugar coat it for abc family!


Loved this episode! I think Jenna was never blind also A CREEPS ME Out! Sometimes i think she might be still alive! I like all the couples so far, the one that really worries me is the Aria/Mr. Ezra Fitz relationship! Some viewers might look at this as a way to date their teachers, hopefully not. I am rooting for them but at the same time, i'm thinking there is SOMEONE watching them.


Spencer and Toby are so cute and I cannot wait to see more of them.


it's not the finale,there are 22 eps in season 1. but i loved this ep too, i love this two together and i wanna see some goodness come Toby's way.


i loved this episode!!!! is this the season 1 finale?


Spencer and Toby are so cute together!!

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