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The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Thespian Catalyst"

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I'm usually of the mind that an episode that places Sheldon and Penny together in an amusingly awkward situation is going to result in hilarity.  That said, "The Thespian Catalyst" was just mildly amusing.

Of course, there was the requisite condescension on the part of Sheldon, and a brief glimpse of the humorous eye twitch that first made its appearance when Penny presented him with Leonard Nimoy's DNA (I guess it only comes out when Spock is part of the story), but it didn't seem to bring the funny as it usually does.

Koothrappali Fantasy

On the other hand, Raj stole the show with his escalating fantasies of something unforeseen taking Howard out of the picture so that he could take over Howard's duties of fulfilling Bernadette's needs. 

I'm finding more and more that Raj's solo efforts are becoming the highlight of each episode. While the writers clearly write the wittiest, or at least the best attempts at a one-liner, for Sheldon, Raj's laid-back deadpan reactions are the highlight for me these days.

The Bollywood-tinged dance sequence at the end was enough to warrant the future consideration of a Raj spinoff.

Question, though: when did Raj start being able to speak freely in front of Bernadette? This was the first time I noticed it, at the restaurant in the beginning, and I don't think he was drinking alcohol at the time.  Maybe our little Koothrapali is finally growing up!  He's certainly not gay.


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i watched an episode last night where everyone was in the lounge room talking about the upcoming wedding, and raj was openly talking to everyone including the girls, without him drinking. and then he had an arranged date with another indian girl (who turns out to be lesbian), but raj didn't have to drink to talk to her either. since when did raj start talking to girls freely??


Raj has been, from the beginning, a favourite for me.
Remember "write your own jokes dude" or "We’re having a conversation about probing the heinies of superheroes, there are no stupid questions"
I was begining to think the raj character was neglected these days, i'm happy to see it's not the case;
and he's the only one of the group Sheldon respects as a scientist in physics


I loved Raj's fantasies, but thought the whole Sheldon/Penny could be better


When there was the awkward pause after the line about no one hitting on him at the gay bar, he actually was drinking the beer.


Paul's right , I took noticed to the restaurant scene right away and noticed Raj talking freely in front of a girl but then I saw that he had three beers on the table so I figured he was drinking that in order to talk to her . I thought the fantasies were funny but not as funny as its been in the past . I really thought it was going to pick up where it left off after the panel question thing where Penny and Leonard slept together and Leonard received a ticket but instead the characters seemed blinded to the episode prior to this one . Everything seemed too in place with Penny and Leonard, I at least expected Leonard to be a tad bit upset with Penny but there was nothing . It was a tad bit disappointing .


I was really hopeful from the restaurant scene that it was going to be a raj centered episode. But alas Sheldon needed acting lessions. I like Sheldon, but there are some really good characters going to waste on this show


I was really hopeful from the restaurant scene that it was going to be a raj centered episode. But alas Sheldon needed acting lessions. I like Sheldon, but there are some really good characters going to waste on this show


Nah, he had beers at the restaurant. All other times were fantasies. It did seem like that though, but perhaps because it happened so often without the whole issue being brought up that it slipped through out minds.