The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 49

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We'd like to thank all readers who set a new record for number of responses in this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest. 211! Wow! Thank you so very much.

It was difficult, but we selected "Jessica Graham" as the winner. Why? Read her entry below and try not to laugh.

Thanks again for playing and remember to do so every week!

Damon vs. Katherine

Katherine, checking her Facebook: Hey, Damon Salvatore Poked me. Wait a minute...

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(Katherine checks her Facebook) hey Damon salvator poked me. Hey wait a min........


Damon: Tag your it!


Damon: Katherine, you told me that you wanted Stake for dinner and I was just obliging.


I didn't give you my breathmint...YOU TOOK IT!!! No keep,it you need it worse than I do.


Damon:Next time I won't miss, unlike you when I aim to kill someone I do my own dirty work


Wow I didn't realize your breath was that bad.


Damon: But I thought you LIKED foreplay.


The Lust Of Damon for Katherine


Damon: "According to the Scooby Gang, all I have to do is pull here and..."


Your breath is so bad that I'm going to have to kill you to get the stench of it out of my house!

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Vampire Diaries Quotes

He's your first love. I intend to be your last. However long it takes.

Klaus [to Caroline]

Stefan Salvatore. Why Stefan? Why didn't you go for Damon? Or do you enjoy them both? Like Katherine did.