The Vampire Diaries Review: Elena Has to Die...

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Talk about an episode of The Vampire Diaries with a lot of heart.

Or hearts, I should say. Torn out of the chests of werewolves. Many, many hearts were torn out of the chests of werewolves.

But, aside from violent deaths, "Crying Wolf" crammed a great deal into one hour,  from a life-altering decision by Tyler to numerous planted seeds that will grow as the season progresses. Into what? That's the question. So let's try to answer it by unpacking the busiest installment in recent memory.

At the Gilbert Lake House

Werewolf Domination vs. Werewolf Armageddon. Stevie laid out the issue of the moonstone rather well for Tyler. I know I'm supposed to hate these wolves, but I find myself understanding their point of view. Let's face it: most vampires are NOT like Stefan, or Damon when he's in a sensitive mood. These wolves have been feuding with their rival species for centuries, so it's hard to blame them for wanting to get the upper hand here.

That said, I pumped my fist and chest-bumped my wife each time Elijah sent a wolf to the Great Big Jungle in the Sky. I don't want them to win, I just appreciate a well-layered villain.

"Elena has to die." Luka made the stakes as clear as can be in his hypnotized state, and this is a major reason why I love
The Vampire Diaries. It doesn't just toss out questions that don't get answered for weeks, if at all. It continues to shock us with twists and turns and reveals that up the ante every Thursday night.

The challenging question now: what do the core characters do about Elijah? They clearly need him in their battle against the werewolves, as he proved once again by coming to Damon's rescue. How jarring was it, by the way, to see this Salvatore brother dominated so physically? (No, not in that way, ladies!)

Jonnie. Oh, it's on. Are you on board?

Another supernatural sibling. Let the guessing games begin. Who should play Luka's sister? Perhaps Keke Palmer?

The foreboding future. Consider all the groundwork this week that was laid out for the rest of season two: Jenna now has suspicions about Alaric. Can she remain in the dark about all the happenings in Mystic Falls forever?

Elena's parents were hunters, and I somehow doubt their game was venison or wild boar. What might those journals reveal? How might those weapons come into play? What about her mom and dad will Elena discover next? (Nice reminder of them via the cabin, by the way. It's easy to forget the pain and suffering Elena went through prior to meeting Stefan.)

And, most pressing of all: the turn. Stefan and Elena touched on their future for the first time this week, referring to it as a "box" that Elena wasn't ready to open. Stefan later found out why, of course. Does she really have a future? Assuming the answer is yes, and Klaus doesn't get to make his sacrifice, Stefan and Elena are headed toward the question that plagues all vampires and their human partners: To turn or not to turn?

All this, and we haven't even touched on the road trip Tyler is taking with Jules. When will we see him next? How else might she mold her friend's nephew into a vampire hater? We'll get to this topic in this week's Round Table, but let's turn this review over to the readers: WHAT DID YOU THINK?


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I like this but i tell you kya vampire hoota ha aur abhi is duniya maa haa


I love this whole show and i have never missed a single episode, in fact i recorded them all so that i can watch them again. But the 21st episode of season 2 was something which i never expected. You just killed the whole show. It was really disgusting and after watching that ending i feel like i was wasting my time all along. Hope you people will make up somehow. Good Luck !


Tyler needs to come back. That speech he gave to matt at the end made me love him even more. I want him and caroline together so bad! They have so much chemistry! Sorry matt... But i'm team forwood !!


nn mi piace cm coppia mi fa veramente cagare con la c maiuscola ma nn dico x elena ma x stefan è brutto e elena si dovrebbe mettere con damon quel pexxo di fiko e vedere felice damon con elena xkè io nn voglio vedere damon soffrire x amore ma lo voglio vedere felice e stefan si è una brava xsona però è troppo noioso e brutto nn voglio dire ke lo vedo morto ma perlomeno lo voglio fuori tra l'intesa ke c'è tra elena e damon si lo so ke stefan nn vuole ke succeda cm in passato con katrine però ke palle ke è qst stefan seo a bacare i coglioni dalla mattina alla sera damon devi assulutamente metterti con elena siete una bella coppia amo qst telefilm e amo damon 6 fiko nn dimenticartelo e fate infretta a far vedere su italia 1 la seconda stagione nn vedo l'ora di vedere voi e cm andra a finire con qst storia .


Poor Tyler, i hate whats happening to him but all in all its good to go. I really love Damon when he is in the Vampire mood not when human. big up Vampire Dairies.


ugh, i really don't like what they have done with tyler even though its a good plot


why they don't give vampire's blood to Elena, sacrifice her and then tadaaa! She's back! but I don't know if this will work or if they want to turn Elena so soon...I like when Stefan was angry with Elena when she "lies" about their future but I wanted to tell him: "man, you're a vampire, as long as she is a human you have no futur together..." classic vampire dilema!
I really really love that show! I just hope they don't kill Elijah! I love him!


I think Tyler will be back sooner rather than later even if only to come between Caroline and Matt.
Matt needs to find out about the goings on in his town. When he does he will be more interesting and I think he will be quite the fighter. After all with his family history he knows how to keep sane. Elena as an Angel would be too weird for me. A bit like damon as a crow. Those things should stay out of the show. Elena as a Vampire will surely happen one day. Would be interesting to see Katherine v Elena when they are on more equal footing. Loving the show


I fall in love with Tyler, the moment with Matt was really touching! If Tyler die before be with Caroline im gonna be heartbroken :/


LOVED this episode! Hot Stelena action, Elijah kicking ass and taking names, Stefan ripping out Brady's heart, Tyler doing the right thing, Alaric/Damon bromance going strong - it was a perfect show! I just wish Bonnie was hooking up with Damon instead of Jeremy, but hopefully that will happen one day!

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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Damon: You need to stop doing that.
Elena: Doing what?
Damon: Assuming that I'll play the good guy because it's you who's asking.

Damon: You need to stop doing that. Elena: Doing what?
Damon: Assuming that I'll play the good guy because it's you who's asking.