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V viewers were treated to "Siege," this week, arguably the best episode in show history.

Not only were the actions sequences spot on, but I rather enjoyed the love/sentimental scenes, as well.

From Siege

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The episode picked up with Erica talking to her fellow Fifth Column buddies about Ryan being the traitor. Kyle wanted to strike vengeance against him, but Erica talked him down. They agreed that they should find out why Ryan betrayed them before doing anything hasty.

Ryan ended up getting himself caught trying to kill Eli. Anna got word and devised a plot to bring down Eli and the Fifth Column. All of this went down within the first couple minutes of the show.

What Erica didn't realize was that when she walked in on Eli and Ryan, she changed the course of all of their lives. The FBI soon closed in on Eli and Erica realized that she was purposely left out of the loop because they believed she was a traitor.

By setting herself as the hostage, Erica was able to get her FBI pals to believe that she was not a double crosser. As horrible as this situation was, it really did save Erica's neck. She had no clue that the FBI was so hot on her tail.

I couldn't decide what was more of a shocker: Joe showing up to the scene and getting killed in crossfire; or Eli allowing his time to come to an end and handing over his army to Erica as their new leader.

Now that Joe is dead, Anna has Tyler right where she wanted him to be: living aboard with them. I still don't understand the importance of Tyler being Lisa's mate. We know that Erica wasn't the only one that got tested on back in the day, so why is Tyler so special?

I didn't find it to be too surprising that Kyle betrayed the group and set the bomb off. We learned last season that he was secretly meeting with Marcus. It may be apparent to us that he is not one to be trusted, but Erica and the rest of the Fifth Column have no idea who they are dealing with.

My favorite scene had to be the ending, when bad ass Erica talked to the remaining few Fifth Column members. She is ready to kick some Visitor butt and is not taking any prisoners.

Elsewhere: Jack is no longer a priest and remembers quite well what it is like to be a soldier.

As sad as it is to see Joe gone, it looks like the window of romantic opportunity to form between Erica and Jack is wide open. I know many of you may disagree, but I think these two would be quite the pair.


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season two was the best by far, but- what happened to kyle hobbs?? he was the best!! where is he!!! and wheres the scientist biology guy that found the V skeleton?? he was good too!! thank god tylers dead lol, he was soooo annoying, and what happened with ryan... i doubt he died, because he was the first person to appear in season 1, and hes one of the main characters, chad deckers not gonna die.... he cant!! coz the tv guy in the 1980 V didnt die, maybe theyll heal diana?? maybe not, WHERES KYLE!!!, whens season 3 coming?? soo many questions!!!


I seriously hope this show stays on...its so interesting...every episode gets me more and more hooked...Since erica's now running things...there's definitely gonna be a drastic change in character.


I love love loove the episode, specially the ending scene with "bad ass Erica" haha... all i need now is that diana escapes and join fifth column xD i would loove that...




Alyssa, the guy snuck away from the group of hostages at the end. He travels to Hong Kong with Erica and Hobbes next week.
And I agree with the other Dani (small world!!!), send emails to ABC!


If you don't want V to end up as dead as Joe, please send an email to paul.lee@abc.com, Head of Programming at ABC, and ask for another season....
right now I think V is like Ryan - maybe he's dead, maybe he escaped. I like to think he escaped and will come back to make it up to Erica!


Best episode by far! Sad to see Eli die though. I was really starting to like his character.

Alyssa lucker rawls

Agree! This was a very exciting episode. The only thing I hate is that Eli Cohn is dead...I just LOVE Oded Fehr and was hoping he'd stick around and be Erica's new love interest! But it makes sense that he had to die to hand over Fifth Column to Erica. Only two questions bother me... Did Ryan die in that explosion?
What happened to that Fifth Column guy Erica smuggled out that was supposed to help? I thought he would've shown up at the end of the episode with Erica.


This was the best episode of V thus far. It was amazingly good. I had tears in my eyes as we finally saw the strong confident Eric broken down and completely vulnerable. Let me say the scene between her and Tyler was wonderfully done by both actors. It was really good. Can't wait for next week

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V Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

(to Marcus) I will hunt down and kill Eli Cohen and the Fifth Column. They will pay for what they've done.


It's not going to be of peace, always anymore.