90210 Music from "Blue Naomi"

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Snoop Dogg. Naomi as a figure from Avatar. And the wrath of Adrianna. 90210 delivered a fun, storyline-packed episode this week. What did you think of the final installment for a few weeks?

Making Like Avatar

As you ponder developments and await the next new episode, we invite you to visit our 90210 music section. We make it easier than ever to download a number of singles from the hour, including the following examples:

  • Jose Gonzalez - "Heartbeats" Buy on iTunes
  • Andy Clockwise - "Love And War" Buy on iTunes
  • Tamar Kaprelian - "Sinner Or A Saint" Buy on iTunes
  • Black Pistol Fire - "Suffocation Blues" Buy on iTunes
  • Nneka - "The Uncomfortable Truth" Buy on iTunes

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