90210 Review: The Wrath of Adrianna

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Feeling a little blue? You'd have fit right in on "Blue Naomi."

Navid continued on his quest to legitimize Shirazi Studios and turn it into a production powerhouse. Formalizing a partnership with Dixon, he acted more like an old school studio boss than the 17-year-old kid he’s supposed to be. 

Snoop Dogg on 90210

And that old saying of never go into business with friends? Dixon should have paid attention to it. Call me Mr. Shirazi? Go wash my car? I don’t care if Navid was just fooling around and it was a Ferrari. Hey Navid, how about you kiss my fist? And since when do legitimate rap stars hang out by themselves at car washes? 

Dixon just happened to run into Snoop Dogg hanging out alone and actually impressed him enough to not only have Snoop invite him for a drive to listen to his new tracks - but sign up to shoot his new video at Shirazi Entertainment?!? I guess Dixon has it like that. Like Snoop, I just rolled my eyes and went along for the ride. But the partnership between Navid and Dixon seemed doomed.

Naomi blew (no pun intended) me out of the water with her shenanigins. Not only did she do her best impression of a naughty nerdy schoolgirl in her attempts to seduce a disinterested Max, she went all out in her Avatar ensemble. 

Was it me or did she look just like Michelle Pfeiffer? Especially during those close-ups. Must have been the eyes. To see these two finally brought together was fun. Nerds can be mean and arrogant, too. Huh, who knew? I think I’m going to enjoy seeing Naomi and Max skulking about on the down low. That slo-mo ‘80s, teen movie style, cool queens vs. nerd kings at the end? Classic. I’m looking forward to their return from this long hiatus.

Thankfully, Emily won’t be coming back, given the fact that the gang practically ran her out of town with their pitchforks. Can’t say I’ll be sorry to see her gone. Stealing everyone’s thunder on stage, running wild trying to seduce Liam in her lame Dress Barn clearance getups, bad-mouthing  Naomi, Silver, Adrianna and any other female within hearing range... SWF had it coming to her. The trap set between Annie and Liam was brilliant. Ding dong, the bitch is dead! Exit stage right.

Ivy looked like she needed to score some stronger bud from Snoop to cope with the news that her new boyfriend Raj won’t be around much longer.  Leukemia tends to bum people out. Maybe that'll set her straight since Ivy looked like she was headed into Jeff Spicoli territory. Poor Ivy, she might be able to catch a wave but she can't seem to catch a break.

How will this situation lead to this major development for the pair?

Finally, Adrianna was out for blood in her plot to nail Silver to the cross. Subtly toying with Silver and dropping hints about knowing who the cheating skank was that had been running around with Navid, Adrianna relished every chance she could get to torture Silver. Using poor, chubby Lila as her supposed victim to finally expose Silver was genius. I actually thought Adrianna was going to cut Silver some slack for fessing up. It completely caught me by surprise when Adrianna went ahead and sent that threatening pic. Of Silver, not Lila, literally exposed!

Looks like there’s a new bitch in town.

Blue Naomi Review

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90210 Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

You had a bad day. You almost put Emily through a vending machine.

Silver [to Annie]

Can't stop thinking of you. Get your sweet ass over here!

Navid [in text to Silver]